Great Dragonfly Fairy

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Great Dragonfly Fairy







"Welcome to the adventurer's spring... Let me rest your weary body. May light shine on your quest..."

— Great Dragonfly Fairy

The Great Dragonfly Fairy is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. She lives in a cave near the entrance of Royal Valley. The first time Link visits her, she asks him five questions:

  • The first element you found was the Fire Element, was it not?
Answer: No, it's the Earth Element.
  • Your grandfather's name is Smee, isn't it?
Answer: No, it's Smith.
Answer: Yes.
  • The Blabber Nut gives one the ability to understand the Minish, does it not?
Answer: No, it's the Jabber Nut.
  • The robe of the current king of Hyrule, Daltus, is white, is it not?
Answer: No, it's red.

If Link answers all questions correctly, he receives a larger Quiver. But if he answers one question wrong, the Great Dragonfly Fairy takes all of his Arrows. The next time Link visit her, she restores his health.


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