Great Fairy of Forest

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Great Fairy of Forest
Great Fairy of Forest.png
Great Fairy of Forest Artwork





The Great Fairy of Forest is one of the three Great Fairies found in Four Swords.


After the differents Link defeat the Big Manhandla, the boss of the Sea of Trees, they will find themselves at a Fairy Fountain where they will meet the Great Fairy of Forest. If playing the Sea of Trees for the first time, or anytime before completing Vaati's Palace, the Great Fairy will dub Link a little egg and will give him a Silver Key.[1]

Link will need to collect two more Silver Keys from the Great Fairy of Ice and Great Fairy of Flame in order to open the entrance to Vaati's Palace.[2]



  1. "I am the Great Fairy of Forest, guardian of the Sea of Trees. You have done well to gather so much treasure. I dub you... little eggs, waiting to hatch into heroes. I grant you each a Silver Key." - Fairy, Four Swords
  2. "If all of you collect the three Silver Keys of the Great Fairies of Forest, Ice, and Flame, the path to Vaati's Palace shall open. You can then make your way there to rescue Princess Zelda. Onward, little hero eggs!" - Fairy, Four Swords