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Emma is a character who appears in The Minish Cap. She works at the front desk of the Happy Hearth Inn. Link is able to speak with her and can book a reservation at the inn.[1] Emma offers Link three rooms, one costing 50 Rupees, another costing 200 Rupees, and the final one costing 400 Rupees. These correspond with the overall size of the room, as well as its Kinstone reward. The cheap room will get Link a Green Kinstone, the middle priced room gets Link a Blue Kinstone, and the expensive room gets Link a Red Kinstone.[2]


  1. "Hi there, and welcome to the Happy Hearth! Need a rest, kid? Well, we can take care of that--and even throw in a present to boot! EForget it [#] Rupee room [#] Rupee room [#] Rupee room" — Emma, The Minish Cap.
  2. "...Right. [#] Rupees. The cheap room it is, then. ELinkYessir! [#] Rupees gets you a regular room! ELinkWell now! Come from a good family, do we? A luxury room for [#] Rupees! ELinkAll payment up front, please!" — Emma, The Minish Cap.