King Daltus

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King Daltus







Princess Zelda (Daughter)
King Gustaf (Ancestor)

King Daltus is a character that appears in The Minish Cap. He is the King of Hyrule and father of Princess Zelda. He is also the successor of his ancestor King Gustaf.

He can first be seen in the game when the Picori Blade is presented to Vaati, the latest winner of the sword-fighting tournament. When Vaati attempts to steal the Picori Blade, he breaks it and transforms Princess Zelda into stone who intervened to protect her father from that fate. King Daltus, Minister Potho, Link, and Master Smith meet in a room in Hyrule Castle and discuss how to recover Princess Zelda and reforge a new sacred blade. They decide that Link sets out on a journey in order to recover Princess Zelda and discover how to reforge the new sacred blade. Vaati's disruption prompted an earthquake which tore down the area near Hyrule Castle. King Daltus gave an order to Mutoh to let his Carpenters build up the location.

King Daltus allegedly battled Master Smith in the past in a sword duel during the Picori Festival Tournament which was deemed a draw. Daltus is later impersonated by Vaati who commands the forces of Hyrule to search for the Light Force. After Link obtains the Elements and creating the Four Sword, Vaati appears in the shape of Daltus before the hero, thanks him for discovering Zelda, possesses the Light Force, and transforms Hyrule Castle into Dark Hyrule Castle.