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Berry (Sister)


Romio is a male character that appears in The Minish Cap.

He is one of several citizens of Hyrule Town, living with his family at the southeast part of town. He is in love with his next door neighbor, Julietta. He yearns for the two of them to be lawfully married someday. Unfortunately, he and Julietta cannot get married because their pets, Scratcher and Rolf, dislike each other and cannot reach a common ground.

When Link first meets Romio, he dismisses Link, assuming that he is looking for his little sister Berry, who attends Funday School.[1] Romio thinks that the hat that Link wears is a bit weird, but he does ask Link where he can get one of them.[2]

Link is able to fuse Green Kinstones with Julietta at various points in the game. As it is a Green Kinstone fusion, it is not set to a specific treasure chest, but instead, one of the many possible treasure chests.


His name is taken from the fictional character Romeo, from William Shakespeare's famous play, Romeo and Juliet. His relationship with Julietta also mimicks the relationship with Romeo and Juliet, in which Romeo and Juliet cannot be together due to the rivalry between their families. With Romio and Julietta, however, they cannot be together due to their pets constant bickering.