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The Picori Blade is a legendary Sword in The Minish Cap.


The legend has it that, long ago, the Picori descended from the sky, bringing the Picori Blade to the Hero of Men.[1] With the sacred blade, the Hero of Men dispatched the darkness and sealed the evil creatures within the Bound Chest.[2][3] When peace had been restored to the land, the Picori Blade was enshrined with care.[4]

In the Picori Festival, the Picori Blade is presented to the winner of the sword-fighting tournament, Vaati, at the award ceremony.[5] He earns the honor of touching it, but he has other intentions.[6] He shatters the Picori Blade, looking in the Bound Chest for the Light Force, but he doesn't find it inside. Link consequently receives the Broken Picori Blade inside Hyrule Castle from King Daltus to search for someone in the Minish world to reforge the sacred blade.[7] However, he cannot use it from the beginning of the game due to the fact that it is broken. Link will need the Four Elements in order to reforge it, namely the Earth Element, Fire Element, Water Element and the Wind Element.[8] After Link acquires the first Element, he will need to take the Broken Picori Blade to Mt. Crenel, where he will have it be reforged into the White Sword by Melari.[9][10][11] After Link has acquired all four elements, the Picori Blade can be infused with the four elements inside the Elemental Sanctuary to make it the legendary Four Sword.[12]



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