Walkthrough:Fire Temple (Tears of the Kingdom)

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The Fire Temple Walkthrough is a full guide to completing the Fire Temple in Tears of the Kingdom. It includes a guide for the dungeon, including unlocking all five padlocks, and defeating the dungeon boss, Marbled Gohma. The five padlocks can be done in any order, but the below order is the recommended order to doing so.

Padlock 1F - South End

  • From the activation terminal, walk to the southeast and fight off the Soldier Construct here. Carefully jump over the lava and then turn to the left to find a Hydrant. Use the Hydrant to create platforms in the lava and cross over.
  • Hop into the mine cart and activate the Fan. While riding on the mine cart, launch Yunobo at the green target. This will cause the rails to shift and the cart will move forward.
  • Jump off the cart and make your way around the corner to find a Fire Like. Defeat it and then grab a Hydrant from the previous area, carrying it by the Fire Like.
  • Use the Hydrant to create platforms in the lava up ahead. Then attached the platforms onto eachother, using Ultrahand. Adjust this larger platform to create a bridge, leading to the large red rock. Launch Yunobo across to break the red block.
  • In the next area, have Yunobo roll into the massive gong, causing one of the padlocks to unlock.

Padlock 2F - North End

  • After riding the mine cart to get the first padlock, at the south end of the 1F, return to the mine cart. Hit the yellow switch, turning it to green, which will lift the gate. Jump back into the mine cart and activate the fan. If the minecart rolled down the tracks, just grab one of the nearby minecarts. While riding the cart, use Yunobo to destroy the red block that is on the track.
  • Once the track comes to an end, jump off the mine cart and turn the cart around with Ultrahand. Link can also strike the device nearby, causing the track to spin around. Jump back on the cart and ride along, hitting the target ahead with Yunobo to get the track to shift.
  • Once the cart stops, jump off and defeat the Igneo Pebblit by launching Yunobo at them. Link can hit the switch here, causing the rails to turn and the gate to lift. Riding the cart this way eventually leads to a treasure chest that contains ten Arrows, but it is optional.
  • Return to where you fought the little fire pebblit guys and jump off the cart. Walk to the west and you'll find another switch with another cart and rail. Strike the switch and it will cause the rail here to drop down. Put the cart on the rail and ride it northward.
  • There is lava all over and a red rock in the lava up ahead. Use Yunobo to launch an attack at the rock, breaking it. This will cause the Hydrant to spill water on the lava, creating platforms. Grab these platforms with Ultrahand and stick a bunch of them together. Eventually connect enough of them to make a bridge.
  • Using the bridge that you created, walk across the lava to the north side of the room. Wrap around the wall and defeat the Soldier Construct here. Use Yunobo to activate the second padlock.

Padlock 4F - North End

  • After reaching the second padlock at the north end of the 2F, return to the nearby mine cart. Shoot an arrow at the switch across the gap to raise the rails. Then ride the cart up the rail to reach the 3F in the large central platform. Once you arrive here, run to the center of the room and strike the yellow switch. This creates an elevator down from the 1F, making it easier to get back up here if you fall.
  • At the north end of this area, there are two switches, with the one on the left rotating the rail left and right, and the one on the right changing the direction up and down.
  • Hit switches so that eventually the rail that is just to the right, is connected and sloped upward. Jump into the mine cart and ride it up to the 4F.
  • Ride the cart around the room and it will keep going in a circle. Stop the fan at the south end of this area and get off the cart.
  • Climb up and you'll find a large rock on the right side, with a slopped platform leading up to it. Launch Yunobo up at it to break the rock, revealing a Hydrant.
  • Grab a series of platforms that the hydrant makes and attach them, making a long bridge.
  • Grab the bridge and slope it upward towards the gong in the center of the room. Send Yunobo up it to hit the gong and release the next padlock.

Padlock 5F - Southwest

  • Return to the middle platform on the 3F. Link can Paraglide over there, or simply drop down to the 1F and use the elevator shortcut to reach it.
  • At the southwest part of the room there is a rail, but partway along the rail, there is a gap that normally, a cart with a fan would just fall down. However, there is a nearby Rocket that Link can find. Attach a rocket to a mine cart and put it on the rail. Jump on the cart and hit the rocket, causing the cart to jump the gap and reach the higher area.
  • Run straight ahead and youl'l find a broken bridge with a large red block way up top on the ceiling. Use Ultrahand to attach the bridge back together. Then stand in front of it and launch Yunobo at the bridge. He will roll up the bridge and go soaring up hte wall, hitting the red block. This will cause a cube to fall down to the ground.
  • Walk over to the cube and use Recall on it. Stand on the cube and ride it up to the top floor. Use Yunobo to hit the gong to release the padlock.

Padlock 1F - Northwest

  • Return to the middle platform on the 3F. Link can Paraglide over there, or simply drop down to the 1F and use the elevator shortcut to reach it.
  • At the north side of the platform, hit the two green switches so that the platform to the right is flat and heads straight ahead. Ride along and then jump onto the adjacent minecart. Ride this platform and you'll find a large red rock. Blast it away and it will open the nearby gate. Ride a minecart to get back to the middle platform on the 3F.
  • At the north end of the room, strike the two switches so that the rail goes from left to right, and rises up to the higher floor. Then use the minecart on the northwest rail and activate the fan. The cart will ride all the way up to the 4F.
  • Defeat the Soldier Construct here and then use the next minecart to continue riding up to the 5F. Launch Yunobo at the Soldier Construct up here who is on the other minecart. Walk around the corner and cross the bridge here. Carefully drop down to the floor below.
  • Hit the switch to lower the rail and then hop into the minecart. While riding down, if Link looks to the South, he'll find a large red rock. Carefully launch Yunobo while on the rail at the block. If you miss the block, no worries. Just turn the rail car around and ride it back up.
  • Once Link hits the block, ride the cart back up to the top and then use Ascend to get back up to the 5F. From here Link can jump down and use his Paraglider to get through the whole that was left from the red rock.
  • Drop down the hole all the way to the 1F and hit the crystal switch to open the gate. Activate the gong here to release the padlock.