Marbled Gohma

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Marbled Gohma
TotK Marbled Gohma Intro.png
Marbled Gohma from Tears of the Kingdom


Scourge of the Fire Temple
Scourge of the Depths
War in the Depths of Hyrule








Fire Temple
Beneath Hyrule Castle (If not defeated in the Fire Temple)


Heart Container (Fire Temple)
Marbled Gohma Leg (Subsequent encounters)
Huge Crystallized Charge (in the Depths)


Difficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty ON.gifDifficulty OFF.gifDifficulty OFF.gifDifficulty OFF.gifDifficulty OFF.gifDifficulty OFF.gifDifficulty OFF.gif


1 Heart.png Leg Slam
Body Slam
Falling Gloom Rocks
1 Heart.png3-4 Heart.png Exploding Gloom Rocks
1 Heart.png1 Heart.png1 Heart.png1 Heart.png1 Heart.png1 Heart.png1 Heart.png1 Heart.png Shake Off


Weapons Used

Gloom Rocks


800 HP (all encounters)


Marbled Gohma is a boss in Tears of the Kingdom. It is the boss of the Fire Temple and responsible for the Marbled Rock Roast.

Tears of the Kingdom

Marbled Gohma was summoned by the Demon King in order to prevent Yunobo from obtaining the Secret Stone within the temple. When Yunobo arrives with Link, they witness what appears to be Princess Zelda walking into the Marbled Gohma's room and being encased in rocks. After unlocking five padlocks throughout the temple, Yunobo uses his charge attack to break the rocks and the Marbled Gohma appears. Upon defeating the Marbled Gohma, Yunobo awakens as a sage and obtains his secret stone. The marbled rock roasts throughout Goron City disappears.

Marbled Gohma is also posted in the Depths of Hyrule, being one of many monsters defending the Demon King's location. Link must fight it if he did not fight the Marbled Gohma in the Fire Temple, but if he did, then Yunobo will deal with it for him, allowing Link to skip this fight.

Once it is defeated in the Hyrule overworld, it can continue to be encountered in specific arenas in the Depths, where upon death it will drop a Marbled Gohma Leg. With no ceiling for it to cling to, Link can either use Ascend underneath it to reach its eye, or propel himself upward with Rocket Zonai Devices to reach it and attack it until defeat.


Phase 1

The battle begins as soon as the rocks break and Marbled Gohma emerges. The Gohma will immediately begin attacking by attempting to slam its feet down. Link can maneuver out of the way by running.

Link must aim Yunobo at the Gohma's legs. Once two of them are destroyed, the Gohma will collapse. Link can then damage the Marbled Gohma's eye with arrows or by climbing on top of it and using melee weapons. After reaching half health, the Marbled Gohma will enter phase two.

If Marbled Gohma is fought during the War in the Depths of Hyrule (Link tries to go to the final boss early), then Marbled Gohma will start on the floor and stay on the floor, as there is no ceiling for it to cling to. This makes the fight substantially easier, as all Link needs to do is run underneath it and Ascend, placing him right next to the eye and in smacking distance.

Phase 2

The Marbled Gohma jumps to the ceiling and will attack from above. This includes raining down a circle of Gloom Rocks that will ultimately explode. Link can use Yunobo to break these rocks before they explode, or he can escape the circle by squeezing in between the rocks, sometimes using crouching to get through.

Link can shoot the Marbled Gohma's eye, but in order to stun it he must aim Yunobo at the walls. The walls will ramp Yunobo up toward the ceiling and with careful aiming Link can hit the enemy. The Marbled Gohma will fall to the floor, allowing Link to once again use whatever weapons he desires to defeat the enemy.

Video Demonstration

Video Demonstration