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"A very young Frox. Makes up for its diminutive size with powerful legs and by attacking in large numbers."

— In-game description

Little Froxes are enemies that appear in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Like their larger boss counterparts, Little Froxes are encountered explicitly in the Depths, often in groups of three or more, and share a similar ravenous appetite. If Link encounters Little Froxes while increasing his visibility with Brightbloom Seeds, Little Froxes will flock to them and attempt to devour them, reducing Link's visibility. This can be the perfect chance for Link to destroy the entire group in a single strike, however, as it takes them a short amount of time to fully devour the brightbloom seeds due to their small size. In encountering Link directly, they will often pose as a minor annoyance, attacking Link by lunging into him and then vigilantly keeping their distance from him if Link tries to attack them directly back. With only 1 health, they do not require an immense amount of effort to defeat; arrows and charge attacks with two handed weapons can be effective ways to defeat entire groups quickly and efficiently. Upon defeat, they drop Brightbloom Seeds, Giant Brightbloom Seeds, and Zonaite.