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Rock Likes are enemies that appear in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"These monsters can be found all over Hyrule in dark places such as caves. They're covered in rocks that shield them like armor. They try to intimidate you by spitting rocks out of their mouths, but they can be quieted when they have swallowed something."

— In-Game Description

Like Likes have a drastically different appearance in Tears of the Kingdom. They are attached to a nearby ceiling or wall when approached, and will expand their long body length to attack. Their mouth is normally closed, but the creature will open it and try to eat what they attacking. Inside of their mouth is a large tongue, which can be hit with weapons in order to damage it.

The rock version of a Like Like can shoot large rolling stones, and usually appear on inclined paths allowing their stones to roll down naturally. They are in essence an "armored" variant of a standard Like Like, much in the same fashion as the armored Bokoblins and armored Lynels that Link encounters elsewhere in Hyrule, and thusly are unable to be damaged, even on their weak points, until Link shatters this "armor". This can be done with a single bomb arrow, an arrow fused with a blunt object, a hammer-type weapon, or by using Recall on its rock projectiles. Once broken, Rock Likes transform back into ordinary Like Likes, and drop standard Like Like items upon defeat.