Lanayru Wetlands

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"These extensive wetlands cover a broad plain to the southwest of Zora's Domain. There are several islands throughout the shallow lake that are connected with crude bridges. There are the remains of a ruined village on the large island in the middle of the wetlands."

Creating a Champion, page 283
Lanayru Wetlands
Lanayru Wetlands - BOTW map.png
Map of the Lanayru Wetlands in Breath of the Wild



The Lanayru Wetlands is a location found in Breath of the Wild and Age of Calamity

It is a district, largely formed by moorland, in the westernmost part of Lanayru province, which both major rivers from Lanayru Great Spring flow into.

The Wetlands are bordered by the Hylia River to the west, Crenel Peak to the north-west, Zelo Pond to the north, Inogo Bridge over the Zora River to the north-east, the Rutala River to the east, Quatta's Shelf & Telta Lake to the south, and Nabi Lake to the south-west.


Breath of the Wild


Age of Calamity