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Ice Likes are enemies that appear in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

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Like Likes have a drastically different appearance in Tears of the Kingdom. They are attached to a nearby ceiling or wall when approached, and will expand their long body length to attack. Their mouth is normally closed, but the creature will open it and try to eat what they are attacking. Inside of their mouth is a large tongue, which can be hit with weapons in order to damage it.

This ice variant of the Like Like can shoot balls of frost at a limited range. Stand out of range of the blasts and fuse things like Red Chuchu Jelly or Fire Fruit to arrows, and shoot them at it to stun it and get it to release its tongue. Foods that give Frost Resistance are recommended to mitigate damage.

After being defeated, an Ice Like will drop an Ice Like Stone, which can be used for elixirs, and a Treasure Chest containing a weapon or shield. They sometimes drop several Ice Fruit and Arrows.