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This is a list of items found in Oracle of Ages.


Bomb OOX.png
Main article: Bomb

Bombs are first given to Link by Queen Ambi after he obtains Mystery Seeds for her. Afterwards, bombs can be obtained by enemy drops, opening chests, or other methods.

Bomb Flower

Main article: Bomb Flower

Link obtains the Bomb Flower after defeating the Great Moblin in Rolling Ridge. It is used in order to rescue the Goron Elder and continue through the main quest.

Book of Seals

Main article: Book of Seals

The Book of Seals is found in present Eyeglass Island Library. It is needed to solve the Invisible Floor Puzzle, which will lead to the Fairy Powder.

Brother Emblem

Main article: Brother Emblem

The Brother Emblem is used to show that Link is a brother to the Gorons. It can be obtained by dancing with the Graceful Goron in the Goron Dance Hall

Cheval Rope

Main article: Cheval Rope

Cheval's Rope is a main quest item found in Cheval's Tomb after obtaining the Flippers. The Rope can be given to Rafton, who will use it to make a Raft.

Crown Key

Main article: Crown Key

The Crown Key is used in order to enter the fifth dungeon of Oracle of Ages, the Crown Dungeon. The Key is given to Link by the Goron Elder after using a Bomb Flower to rescue him.

Fairy Powder

Main article: Fairy Powder

The Fairy Powder can be obtained from the Eyeglass Island Library in the past. Link must first acquire the Book of Seals, which will allow him to pass the Invisible Floor Puzzle.

Gasha Nut

Gasha Nut.png
Main article: Gasha Nut

Gasha Nuts are items that grow from Gasha Seeds and hang from Gasha Trees. They will produce various items, ranging from rupees to Rings.

Gasha Seed

Gasha Seed.png
Main article: Gasha Seed

Gasha Seeds are items that can be obtained from chests or side quests. When planted in a soft soil spot, they will eventually grow into Gasha Trees.


Main article: Goronade

Goronade is obtained by trading the Goron Vase to a Goron in the past Goron Dance Hall. It can then be given to the owner of the Big Bang game for a free play.

Goron Vase

Main article: Goron Vase

The Goron Vase can be obtained by giving the Rock Brisket to a Goron in the present Goron Dance Hall. In exchange, he will give Link the Vase.

Graveyard Key

Main article: Graveyard Key

The Graveyard Key is needed in order to access the Yoll Graveyard and the first dungeon, Spirit's Grave.

Harp of Ages

Harp of Ages.gif
Main article: Harp of Ages

The Harp of Ages is an essential item and is used as the primary game mechanic in Oracle of Ages. By using Time Portals, it allows Link to travel between the Past and the Present. Link receives the Harp from Nayru after she teaches him the Tune of Echoes.

Huge Maku Seed

Huge Maku Seed - OoA.png
Main article: Huge Maku Seed

The Huge Maku Seed is a quest item given to Link by the female Maku Tree after he obtains all eight Essences of Nature. It is used to break the evil barrier that prevents Link from progressing through the Black Tower.

Island Chart

Island Chart.gif
Main article: Island Chart

The Island Chart is given to Link by Tingle. It is needed to obtain the Raft and reach Crescent Island.

Lava Juice

Main article: Lava Juice

The Lava Juice is an item that can be traded to obtain the Letter of Introduction. Link can obtain it by winning a round at the Goron Shooting Gallery.

Letter of Introduction

Main article: Letter of Introduction

The Letter of Introduction is a quest item obtained after exchanging the Lava Juice. It can be used to perform in the past Goron Dance Hall, where the Mermaid Key can be obtained if successful.

Library Key

Main article: Library Key

After giving King Zora the Medicine, Link will be rewarded with the Library Key. This will allow him to access the Eyeglass Island Library.

Long Switch

Switch Hook Sprite.png
Main article: Long Switch

The Long Switch is an upgraded version of the Switch Hook, and can be found in the seventh dungeon, Inside Jabu Jabu's Belly. It can fire faster and reaches longer distances.

Mermaid Key

Main article: Mermaid Key

The Mermaid Key is an item used to unlock Mermaid's Cave in the past. It can be obtained by using the Letter of Introduction to playing the Goron Dancing Game in the Present.

Mermaid Suit

Main article: Mermaid Suit

The Mermaid Suit is the dungeon item of the Mermaid's Cave. It is an upgrade to the Flippers and will allow Link to swim in deeper water.

Moosh's Flute

Moosh flute.png
Main article: Moosh's Flute

Moosh's Flute is a strange flute obtained after playing a game with the Prankster Fairies. When played, the flute will make Moosh appear on the screen.

Mystical Seeds

Ember Seed Tree.gif
Main article: Mystical Seeds

Mystical Seeds are items that come in five varieties, each performing a different task. The varieties are: Mystery, Ember, Gale, Pegasus, Scent.

Old Mermaid Key

Main article: Old Mermaid Key

The Old Mermaid Key is a quest item obtained after winning the Big Bang mini-game in the Present. It is used to open Mermaid's Cave in the Present.

Power Bracelet

Power Bracelet OOX.png
Main article: Power Bracelet

The Power Bracelet can be obtained in the first dungeon, Spirit's Grave. It is later upgraded to the Power Glove in the Ancient Tomb.

Power Glove

OoA Power Glove.png
Main article: Power Glove

Link can find the Power Glove in the eighth dungeon, the Ancient Tomb. It is an upgrade to the Power Bracelet.

Ricky's Gloves

Ricky's Gloves.png
Main article: Ricky's Gloves

Ricky's Gloves can be found on the beach south of Lynna City. Once they are returned to Ricky, he will assist Link in reaching Tingle.


Magic Ring.png
Main article: Ring

Rings are an item that provide a multitude of different effects, from turning Link into a Moblin to adding higher damage multipliers to his blade. They can be obtained in a variety of methods, including chests and Gasha Nuts. They must be appraised at Vasu Jewelers before being used.

Ring Box

Ring Box L1.png
Main article: Ring Box

The Ring Box is an item given to Link by Vasu, which allows Link to store his appraised Rings. The are two upgrades to the box; the L-2 Ring Box and the L-3 Ring Box.

Rock Brisket

Main article: Rock Brisket

The Rock Brisket is an item obtained by winning a game of Target Carts. The Brisket can be given to a Goron in the Goron Dance Hall, who will give Link the Goron Vase.

Roc's Feather

Main article: Roc's Feather

Link will find Roc's Feather in the Wing Dungeon. It will allow Link to jump to higher places and over small gaps.

Scent Seedling

Main article: Scent Seedling

The Scent Seedling can be won after playing the Wild Tokay's mini-game. The Seedling can be planted on Crescent Island in the Past, which will grow into a tree giving Scent Seeds in the Present.

Seed Satchel

Main article: Seed Satchel

The Seed Satchel is given to Link by the Maku Tree, with 20 Ember Seeds. It can hold five different kinds of seeds, including: Mystery, Ember, Gale, Pegasus, Scent.

Seed Shooter

Seed Shooter.png
Main article: Seed Shooter

The Seed Shooter is an item acquired in the third dungeon, the Moonlit Grotto. It works similar to the Slingshot, but allows seeds to be shot at an angle or ricocheted off of walls or other objects.

Shield (Wooden)

Main article: Wooden Shield

The Wooden Shield can be purchased in several locations. It is used mainly for defense, but for certain enemies it is the only item that will harm them.

Shield (Iron)

Main article: Iron Shield

On Crescent Island, the Wooden Shield can be upgraded into the Iron Shield. Alternatively, the Iron Shield can be obtained using the Library Secret.


OoX Shovel.png
Main article: Shovel

The Shovel can be found at the base of tower in Lynna Village in the Past. It is required in order to progress through the early portions of the game.

Switch Hook

Switch Hook Sprite.png
Main article: Switch Hook

The Switch Hook is found in the Skull Dungeon, and allows Link to switch places with certain objects. It later has an upgrade, the Long Hook.

Sword (Noble)

Noble Sword.png
Main article: Noble Sword

The Noble Sword is obtained from Patch after completing the Trading Sequence. It is the third most powerful sword in the game.

Sword (Wooden)

Main article: Wooden Sword

The Wooden Sword is the first sword in Oracle of Ages. It is given to Link early on by Impa after Nayru's disappearance. In a Linked Game, Link starts his adventure with the Wooden Sword already in his inventory.

Tokay Eyeball

Main article: Tokay Eyeball

The Tokay Eyeball is a quest item given to the Link by the Captain of the Piratians. It is needed to access the eighth dungeon, the Ancient Tomb.

Tuni Nut

Main article: Tuni Nut

The Tuni Nut is an item that serves as a symbol of Symmetry Village. At first, the Nut is cracked, which causes the Village to be out of balance. After being repaired Link can access Skull Dungeon.

Zora's Flippers

Main article: Zora's Flippers

Zora's Flippers can be found in Cheval's Tomb and allow Link to swim in the water. It is later replaced by the Mermaid Suit, which allows him to dive in deep water.

Zora Scale

Main article: Zora Scale

The Zora Scale is given to Link by a Zora after completing the seventh dungeon, Inside Jabu Jabu's Belly. The Scale can then be shown to the Captain, who will give Link the Tokay Eyeball.