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This is a list of items found in Oracle of Ages.


Wooden Sword

Wooden Sword OOX.png
Main article: Wooden Sword

The Wooden Sword is the first sword in Oracle of Ages. It is given to Link early on by Impa after Nayru's disappearance. In a Linked Game, Link starts his adventure with the Wooden Sword already in his inventory.

Noble Sword

Noble Sword.png
Main article: Noble Sword

The Noble Sword is obtained from Patch after completing the Trading Sequence.

Master Sword

Master Sword OOX.png
Main article: Master Sword

The Master Sword is the final upgrade of the Wooden Sword and can only be obtained in a Linked Game with Oracle of Seasons.

Wooden Shield

Wooden Shield OOX.png
Main article: Wooden Shield

The Wooden Shield can be purchased in Lynna Village for 30 rupees. The Wooden Shield is the most basic of the shields and can deflect only a few attacks. When in a Linked Game, Impa will instead give Link a Wooden Shield.

Iron Shield

Iron Shield.png
Main article: Iron Shield

On Crescent Island, the Wooden Shield can be upgraded into the Iron Shield. Alternatively, the Iron Shield can be obtained using the Library Secret.

Mirror Shield

Mirror Shield OOX.png
Main article: Mirror Shield

The Mirror Shield is the final upgrade of the Wooden Shield and can only be obtained in a Linked Game with Oracle of Seasons.

Power Bracelet

Power Bracelet OOX.png
Main article: Power Bracelet

The Power Bracelet can be obtained in the first dungeon, Spirit's Grave. It is later upgraded to the Power Glove in the Ancient Tomb.

Power Glove

OoA Power Glove.png
Main article: Power Glove

Link can find the Power Glove in the eighth dungeon, the Ancient Tomb. It is an upgrade to the Power Bracelet.

Roc's Feather

Main article: Roc's Feather

The Roc's Feather can be found in the Wing Dungeon. It will give Link the ability to jump to higher places and over small gaps. When paired up with the Pegasus Seed, the jump effect is increased.

Seed Shooter

Seed Shooter.png
Main article: Seed Shooter

The Seed Shooter is an item acquired in the third dungeon, the Moonlit Grotto. It works similar to the Slingshot, but allows seeds to be shot at an angle or ricocheted off of walls or other objects.

Seed Satchel

Seed Satchel.png
Main article: Seed Satchel

The Seed Satchel is given to Link by the Maku Tree. It can hold five different kinds of seeds, including: Mystery, Ember, Gale, Pegasus, and Scent. Initially, the Seed Satchel can only hold up to 20 of each type of seed, but Link can receive an upgrade that allows him to carry up to 50 of each seed, and in a Linked Game a second upgrade can allow him to carry 99 of each. Link can replenish these seeds by using his sword on a Mystical Tree, finding them in bushes and pots, or dropped by defeated enemies.

Ember Seed

Main article: Ember Seed

The Ember Seeds are stored within the Seed Satchel. Link can find an Ember Tree by going south of Lynna City in both the Present and Past. Ember Seeds are used to light torches and set enemies or objects on fire.

Scent Seed

Scent Seed Sprite.png
Main article: Scent Seed

Scent Seeds first become available near the end of Link's first visit to Crescent Island, where he will find the Scent Seedling to plant in the past and return to in the Present when the Scent Tree is fully grown. The second one is located at Ambi's Palace in the Past. Scent Seeds are used to attract enemies away from Link or toward him. If they are used from the Seed Shooter, they will damage enemies and knock them back.

Pegasus Seed

Pegasus Seed OOX.png
Main article: Pegasus Seed

The Pegasus Seeds can be found at the northwest part of Rolling Ridge. This Pegasus Tree will only appear in the Past. Pegasus Seeds are used to increase Link's speed. If used along with the Roc's Feather, it will increase the length of Link's jump. It will also temporarily stun enemies.

Gale Seed

Gale Seed Sprite.png
Main article: Gale Seed

Link can first obtain Gale Seeds once he has made it to Symmetry Village. A second Gale Tree is located above Zora Village on a piece of land. Once acquired, they can also be found by cutting bushes and breaking pots. The Gale Seeds are used to transport Link to other Seed Trees, and make enemies disappear by warping them off-screen, though enemies removed this way will reappear next time the screen is visited.

Mystery Seed

Mystery Seed Sprite.png
Main article: Mystery Seed

Mystery Seeds are first obtained in order to gain access to Wing Dungeon. The sole Mystery Tree in Labrynna is found in Deku Forest in the Past. They can be sprinkled on Owl Stones, yielding hints for the current dungeon or area. Mystery Seeds can also be used on enemies to achieve a variety of effects, all of which are borrowed from the other obtainable seeds in the game.

Harp of Ages

Harp of Ages.gif
Main article: Harp of Ages

The Harp of Ages is an essential item and is used as the primary game mechanic in Oracle of Ages. By using Time Portals, it allows Link to travel between the Past and the Present. Link receives the Harp from Nayru after she teaches him the Tune of Echoes.


Bomb OOX.png
Main article: Bomb

Bombs are first given to Link by Queen Ambi after he obtains Mystery Seeds for her. Afterwards, bombs can be obtained by enemy drops, opening chests, or other methods. Two upgrades can be gained for Link's bomb bag. The first is given to Link by a Fairy in Present Talus Peaks, after he throws a Bomb into her pond and then answers her question truthfully. The second requires a Linked Game and completion of the Pirate Secret.


Shovel OOX.png
Main article: Shovel

The Shovel can be found at the base of Ambi's Tower in Lynna Village in the Past. It is required in order to progress through the early portions of the game.

Strange Flute

Strange Flute.png
Main article: Strange Flute

After beating the Moonlit Grotto and having Dimitri help him return to Lynna City, Link has three choices on how to choose his partner. Be warned: once the flute is found, the choice is permanent. The same can happen if Link does not acquire a flute before he enters Nuun Highlands. In a linked game, Link cannot choose a Flute, as he is assigned the same animal partner.

Dimitri's Flute

Dimitri flute.png
Main article: Dimitri's Flute

Dimitri's Flute can be acquired if Link buys the Flute from the Lynna City Shop for 150 Rupees. After checking the broken bridge, he has to find Dimitri in Fairies' Woods. He will then become his partner.

Moosh's Flute

Moosh flute.png
Main article: Moosh's Flute

Moosh's Flute is the default flute. If Link has not acquired any Flute and heads towards Nuun Highlands, he will find Moosh in Fairies' Woods. There he will give him the Flute.

Ricky's Flute

Main article: Ricky's Flute

Ricky's Flute can be acquired if Link scores 250 or more points in the Shooting Gallery mini-game in Lynna Village. After checking the broken bridge, Link has to find Ricky in Fairies' Woods. He will then become Link's partner.

Switch Hook

Switch Hook Sprite.png
Main article: Switch Hook

The Switch Hook is found in the Skull Dungeon, and allows Link to switch places with certain objects. It later has an upgrade, the Long Hook.

Long Switch

Switch Hook Sprite.png
Main article: Long Switch

The Long Switch, or Long Hook, is an upgraded version of the Switch Hook, and can be found in the seventh dungeon, Jabu-Jabu's Belly. It can fire faster and reaches longer distances.

Cane of Somaria

Cane of Somaria OoA.gif
Main article: Cane of Somaria

The Cane of Somaria is obtained in the fifth dungeon, the Crown Dungeon. It is primarily used to detect pits Link may fall through or block enemies from progressing. The blocks created by the Cane of Somaria can be destroyed with a slash of the Sword.


Boomerang OOX.png
Main article: Boomerang

The Boomerang is obtained from the Goron Shooting Gallery in Rolling Ridge. Link must earn at least 400 points in the mini-game, at which point the owner gives Link the Boomerang. It is not required to complete the game.

Biggoron's Sword

Biggoron Sword OOX.png
Main article: Biggoron's Sword

Biggoron's Sword is a reward obtained in two ways. If Oracle of Ages is the first of a Linked Game, then it is obtained from the Goron Elder at the Goron Shooting Gallery in the Past. Link then obtains a password to use in Oracle of Seasons to obtain Biggoron's Sword there. If Oracle of Ages is the second game of a Linked Game, then Biggoron's Sword is obtained by a password from Oracle of Seasons.


Bombchu OOX.png
Main article: Bombchu

In both Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages, Bombchus can only be obtained in a Linked Game. They are very similar to the previous games, but they also home in on enemies and explode. After Link has obtained them, he can purchase them from Syrup.


Zora's Flippers

Main article: Flippers

Zora's Flippers can be found in Cheval's Tomb and allow Link to swim in the water. It is later replaced by the Mermaid Suit, which allows him to dive in deep water.

Mermaid Suit

Main article: Mermaid Suit

It is found in Mermaid's Cave. The suit serves as an upgrade to the Zora's Flippers as it allows Link to swim in deeper waters. Additionally, it allows Link to dive underneath the water, and explore the areas in dungeons and beneath the sea. This unique diving ability is required as Link journeys through Mermaid's Cave and later on through Jabu-Jabu's Belly. Link's swimming speed increases when he obtains the Mermaid Suit, as well as his ability to swim against strong currents.

Magic Potion

Magic Potion OOX.png
Main article: Magic Potion

The Magic Potion can be obtained by purchasing one from Syrup's Potion Shop for the expensive price of 300 Rupees, taken from Maple after she is bumped into, or from within a Gasha Nut. Only one Potion can be held at a time. The Magic Potion will fully restore Link's health automatically if he falls in combat. It can also be used to cure King Zora from his illness.

Huge Maku Seed

Main article: Huge Maku Seed

The Huge Maku Seed is a quest item given to Link by the female Maku Tree after he obtains all eight Essences of Nature. It is used to break the evil barrier that prevents Link from progressing through the Black Tower.

Gasha Seed

Gasha Seed.png
Main article: Gasha Seed

Gasha Seeds are found all across Labrynna. Some are given to Link, others are found in treasures, some from Maple, and some are rewards after beating mini-games. The Gasha Seeds can be planted in Soft Soil. Return after a while, a tree will have grown and a Gasha Nut will be there.

Gasha Nut

Gasha Nut.png
Main article: Gasha Nut

After planting a Gasha Seed in soft soil, return to that spot later and a tree will have grown to produce a Gasha Nut. Hit it with the sword to break it open. There are all sorts of different things in the Gasha Nuts.

Cheval Rope

Main article: Cheval Rope

The Cheval Rope is a quest item from Oracle of Ages. It is found in Cheval's Tomb. After Link gets the Flippers from Cheval's Tomb, he can swim to the top part of the tomb where the Cheval Rope is found. If Link gives the Rope to Rafton, he will use it to make the Raft, but Link cannot use it until he gets the Island Chart.

Island Chart

Island Chart.gif
Main article: Island Chart

Link obtains this item by speaking to Tingle, who is found in the Present near Lynna City. This chart is needed to cross the Crescent Strait and reach Crescent Island.

Ricky's Gloves

Ricky's Gloves.png
Main article: Ricky's Gloves

They are a set of boxing gloves that belong to the kangaroo Ricky. After the gloves are returned to him in either Oracle game, he will allow Link to ride in his pouch.

Scent Seedling

Main article: Scent Seedling

When trying to recover all of his stolen items upon his first visit to Crescent Island, Link will find the Wild Tokay mini-game, located at the east end of the island in the Past. The Scent Seedling serves as the prize when Link first plays the mini-game. Once Link wins, he can then plant it on the north side of the island in the Tree Nursery, where it will grow to be a Scent Seed tree in the Present.

Bomb Flower

Main article: Bomb Flower

Link obtains the Bomb Flower after defeating the Great Moblin in Rolling Ridge. It is used in order to rescue the Goron Elder and continue through the main quest.

Graveyard Key

Main article: Graveyard Key

The Graveyard Key is needed in order to access the Yoll Graveyard and the first dungeon, Spirit's Grave.

Crown Key

Main article: Crown Key

When Link helps the Goron Elder out of the fallen boulder with the help of a Bomb Flower, the Gorons will reward Link with the Crown Key, which gives Link access to the Crown Dungeon.

Tuni Nut

Main article: Tuni Nut

The Tuni Nut is an item that serves as a symbol of Symmetry Village. At first, the Nut is cracked, which causes the Village to be out of balance. After being repaired Link can access Skull Dungeon.

Brother Emblem

Main article: Brother Emblem

The Brother Emblem is a symbol of brotherhood of the Gorons. In the Present or the Past, Link can enter the Goron Dance Hall and dance with the Graceful Goron, and be rewarded with the Brother Emblem and become a respected brother of the Gorons.

Rock Brisket

Main article: Rock Brisket

It can be obtained by winning a game of Target Carts. After obtaining it, Link can give the Brisket to a Goron in the Goron Dance Hall, who will give Link the Goron Vase.

Goron Vase

Main article: Goron Vase

It can be obtained by giving the Rock Brisket to a Goron in the Goron Dance Hall. After obtaining it, Link can give the Vase to a Goron guarding the Goron Dance Hall in the Past, who will give Link the Goronade.


Main article: Goronade

It can be obtained by trading the Goron Vase to the Goron guarding the stairs near Goron Dance Hall in the Past. After obtaining it, Link can give the Goronade to the owner of the Big Bang Game, who will give him one free game to play.

Lava Juice

Main article: Lava Juice

The Lava Juice is the first prize in the Goron Shooting Gallery. To win it, Link must play and score an amount of over 100 points. It is later traded with a friend of the Graceful Gorons for the Letter of Introduction.

Letter of Introduction

Main article: Letter of Introduction

This item is obtained from a friend of the Graceful Goron in exchange for the Lava Juice, but only after Link obtains the Old Mermaid Key. Once Link takes this letter to the first generation of Graceful Gorons, he will be asked to perform the Goron Dance. If successfully completed, he will obtain the Mermaid Key, which is required to enter Mermaid's Cave in the Past.

Old Mermaid Key

Main article: Old Mermaid Key

The Old Mermaid Key is a quest item required in order to enter Mermaid's Cave in the Present. This key is blue and shaped like a mermaid's tail. This item can only be obtained by completing the Big Bang Mini-Game in the Present.

Mermaid Key

Main article: Mermaid Key

The Mermaid Key is a quest item obtained by giving the Letter of Introduction to the Goron who manages the Goron Dancing Game in the Present. Afterwards, the Goron only agrees to give the Mermaid Key to Link if he dances in the dancing game himself, and if he does, he will receive the Mermaid Key in return for his participation. With this key, Link can unlock the Mermaid's Cave in the Past.

Library Key

Main article: Library Key

When Link helps King Zora by giving him the Medicine, the King will reward Link with the Library Key, which gives Link access to the Eyeglass Island Library.

Book of Seals

Main article: Book of Seals

The Book of Seals is a book obtained in the Eyeglass Island Library in the Present, and is needed to solve the Invisible Floor Puzzle in the Past in order to get the Fairy Powder.

Fairy Powder

Main article: Fairy Powder

This particular item is kept in Eyeglass Island Library. To reach the Fairy Powder, which is found in the past, Link must first obtain the Book of Seals from the present to solve a puzzle. By curing the curse on the Fairy Queen, the Zora Seas becomes free of pollution, and Link can enter Lord Jabu-Jabu.

Zora Scale

Main article: Fairy Powder

After defeating Plasmarine and receiving the Rolling Sea in Jabu-Jabu's Belly, a Zora rewards Link with the Zora Scale. The Zora Scale must be shown to the Zora in the Sea of Storms to gain access to the area where the Piratians are found. Giving the Zora Scale to the Captain of the Piratians results in Link receiving the Tokay Eyeball, which is needed to access the Ancient Tomb.

Tokay Eyeball

Main article: Tokay Eyeball

Giving the Zora Scale to the Captain of the Piratians results in Link receiving the Tokay Eyeball, which is needed to access the Ancient Tomb. The Tokay Eyeball can be inserted into the Tokay Guardian Statue found in the Past at the west end of Crescent Island. The statue is in the same location as where the Moonlit Grotto can be found in the Present and can be seen noticeably missing an eyeball. After inserting the Eyeball, the statue will open up, revealing a secret passageway that will eventually lead to the Sea of No Return. This serves as the only route to reach the Ancient Tomb.

Ring Box

Ring Box L-1
Ring Box L-2
Ring Box L-3
Main article: Ring Box

The L-1 Ring Box is given to Link by the Jeweler. All rings that Link needs to have appraised go here. Link can only wear one ring when he has the L-1 Ring Box. The L-2 Ring Box is found in the second floor of Lynna City Shop, and the L-3 Ring Box can only be acquired through the use of a Linked Game and the Ruul Secret.

Magical Ring

Magic Ring.png
Main article: Magical Ring

Rings are found almost everywhere in Labrynna. Link can get Rings from treasures, rewards, and from Maple. Rings can be appraised at the Jewelry Store. The rings all have different powers and Link can possess those powers if he wears the rings.

Essences of Time

Eternal Spirit

Main article: Eternal Spirit

The Eternal Spirit is located within the Spirit's Grave and is acquired after Link has defeated Pumpkin Head.

Ancient Wood

Main article: Ancient Wood

The Ancient Wood is located within the Wing Dungeon and is acquired after Link has defeated Head Thwomp.

Echoing Howl

Main article: Echoing Howl

The Echoing Howl is located within the Moonlit Grotto and is acquired after Link has defeated Shadow Hag.

Burning Flame

Main article: Burning Flame

The Burning Flame is located within the Skull Dungeon and is acquired after Link has defeated Eyesoar.

Sacred Soil

Main article: Sacred Soil

The Sacred Soil is located within the Crown Dungeon and is acquired after Link has defeated Smog.

Lonely Peak

Main article: Lonely Peak

The Lonely Peak is located within the Mermaid's Cave and is acquired after Link has defeated Octagon.

Rolling Sea

Main article: Rolling Sea

The Rolling Sea is located within Jabu-Jabu's Belly and is acquired after Link has defeated Plasmarine.

Falling Star

Main article: Falling Star

The Falling Star is located within the Ancient Tomb and is acquired after Link has defeated Ramrock.

Trading Sequence

Poe Clock

Main article: Poe Clock

The first item of the trading sequence. It is a simple clock used to tell time; however, its description says it lightens the heart, which could imply it is more than just a clock.


Main article: Stationery

The second item of the trading sequence. According to its description, the Stationery is a fine sheet of paper which Link can use to write somebody a letter.

Stink Bag

Main article: Stink Bag

The third item of the trading sequence. It is basically a bag that smells really bad.

Tasty Meat

Main article: Tasty Meat

The fourth item of the trading sequence. It is the specialty of the Tokay Chef, and, as its name suggests, is quite tasty.

Doggie Mask

Main article: Doggie Mask

The fifth item of the trading sequence. It is a mask in the shape of a cute canine face, adored by dogs and their humans alike.


Main article: Dumbbell

The sixth item of the trading sequence. It is a single weight, and is part of a pair; however, Link only obtains one.

Cheesy Mustache

Main article: Cheesy Mustache

The seventh item of the trading sequence. It is very weird.

Funny Joke

Main article: Funny Joke

The eighth item of the trading sequence. As its name suggests, it is a fairly big hit. It is represented by a bow-tie.

Touching Book

Main article: Touching Book

The ninth item of the trading sequence. It is a book about a sad story.

Magic Oar

Main article: Magic Oar

The tenth item of the trading sequence. It was the first oar created by Maple, and is one of the best oars out there, being called a "racer's dream".

Sea Ukulele

Main article: Sea Ukulele

The eleventh item of the trading sequence. It is a simple ukulele that smells like the sea.

Broken Sword

Broken Sword.png
Main article: Broken Sword

The last item of the trading sequence. According to the Old Zora, it is a sword that a great hero gave his ancestors long ago. However, as its name suggests, it is broken, and thus cannot be used unless it is somehow repaired.


Recovery Heart

Main article: Recovery Heart

An item dropped by pots, bushes, enemies and more; used to replenish Link's energy meter after taking damage.

Piece of Heart

Piece of Heart OoX.png
Main article: Piece of Heart

Link needs to collect four in order to get a complete Heart Container, extending his energy meter. There are twelve to find, adding up to a maximum of three extra Heart Containers.


Fairy OoX.png
Main article: Fairy

Like the Recovery Heart, Fairies will sometimes drop from bushes, pots and holes in the ground among other places. They can heal Link a maximum of six hearts.


All Rupees-OoX.png
Main article: Rupee

The main currency in Labrynna, they come in nine varieties with differing values: Small Green (1), Small Blue (5), Small Red (10), Red (5), Green (1, 5, 10 or 20), Yellow (1, 5 or 20), Blue (20 or 30), Big Blue (100) and Big Red (200).


Dungeon Map

Dungeon Map OoX.png
Main article: Dungeon Map

It shows all the rooms in the dungeon and exactly how they connect to each other. Combined with the Compass, which shows the location of all the Treasure Chests, tracking down everything there is to get in a dungeon becomes easy.


Compass OoX.png
Main article: Compass

It is generally used to indicate the Boss and Treasure Chest locations on Dungeon Maps.

Small Key

Small Key OoX.png
Main article: Small Key

Used to open locked doors or blocks only found in dungeons. They can usually be obtained by solving a puzzle or defeating a whole bunch of enemies, which makes a small Treasure Chest appear, and usually contains a Small Key. They do not open the door to boss rooms. For said doors, Link needs the Boss Key. Keys will only work inside the dungeon in which they are found.

Boss Key

Main article: Boss Key

It allows Link to unlock the door to the boss chamber of that dungeon.

Heart Container

Heart Container OOX.png
Main article: Heart Container

Link begins the adventure through Labrynna with three full Heart Containers. There is a full Heart Container to snag after each boss and combined with all twelve Heart Pieces Link's energy can be extended to a maximum of 14 hearts in a regular playthrough.

If playing in a Linked Game, Link will start with four full Heart Containers, and has the ability to max his hearts out to sixteen, by utilizing one of the Linked Game Secrets.