Wild Tokay

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Wild Tokay
Link playing the Wild Tokay mini-game





10 Rupees


Throwing Tasty Meat at Tokay


Wild Tokay is a mini-game found on Crescent Island in Oracle of Ages. It is a required mini-game Link will play to get the Scent Seedling to progress in the main story.


The game can be found at the east end of Crescent Island in the Past. There is a cave one screen north of the Time Portal where the mini-game can be found. Link will need to use a Bomb to explode open the entrance. In the Present there is a Wild Tokay Museum in its place, which serves as a hint that there was once a mini-game in the Past.

How to Play

"Pass meat to each Tokay that runs by on the left and right. If you give meat to each one, you win! If you skip even one, you fail. Understand?"

Tokay Proprietor

Speak with the Tokay and it will cost 10 Rupees to play. Link will need to pick up the Tasty Meat that is in the center of the room and toss it towards the Tokay that move downward on the sides of the room. More Tasty Meat will continuously fall in the center of the room as Link picks up the pieces of Meat. If Link misses a single Tokay, the game will end and Link will not get the reward. The final Tokay in the game is indicated by its red coloring.


The Wild Tokay mini-game is required to progress in the main storyline as Link will need to get the Scent Seedling. This is always the first prize that Link can wind at the Wild Tokay mini-game. However, after Link acquires the Seedling, the next prizes will continuously rotate between several other rewards. All the prizes are listed below.