2.1 Isle of Ember

Once you arrive at the Isle of Ember, you will see that there are three houses on the island. Walk to the right and climb the steps to enter the northernmost house. This is Astrid’s house, but she is nowhere to be found. Climb down the stairs to reach the basement.

The door behind will close and you’ll find a group of enemy Octoroks. Defeat them with simple sword slashes. Astrid can be seen behind the door on the right. You’ll need to yell, or just blow into the microphone for her to hear you. You’ll have to find her assistant Kayo in order to complete the puzzle. Climb the steps and exit the house.

Kayo is located at the far east end of the island. If you look at the map, there is a tiny island just to the east of the main island. Make your way over to this location. Here you will find a fallen adventurer. Walk up to the stack of bones and the ghost of Kayo will appear. He will tell you that there are three torches on the island, and that they are the key to solving the puzzle.

One of the torches is found on the tiny island to the east. You can make a note of the torch on the map. Another torch can be found just east of the small island at the north end of the map.

There is a third torch inside of Kayo’s house. Of the three houses on the island, Kayo’s is the southernmost. After noting the locations of all three torches, return to Astrid’s house.

Return to the basement and tap on the map on the far right side. Mark the locations of the three torches on the map and it will cause the door to open up. After speaking with Astrid, Link will appear back upstairs alongside Linebeck. Astrid will tell Link his fortune and say that he must head towards the Temple of Fire.

Back outside, make your way to the southeast corner of the map, where there is a closed gate just west of a bridge. Tap on the door to open it and climb the steps. Walk clockwise around the volcano, avoiding the enemies as well as the falling rocks.

You will come to the entrance of the temple where there are two lit candles on either side. Stand in front of each candle and blow into the microphone. Blowing the candles out will cause the door to open.

Before entering the temple, there is an optional treasure chest nearby. Continue walking clockwise around the volcano and you’ll find a treasure chest on the higher ledge that contains a red rupee. Grab it and then enter the Temple of Fire.

2.2 Temple of Fire

Maneuver around the flames to make it to the center part of the map. Watch out for the revolving flame and make your way to the right. Leap over the lava and travel to the southeast corner of the room where the door will close behind you.

Defeat the four Keese that appear, and open the treasure chest to get a small key. Backtrack northward and be sure to examine the picture on the wall. The picture is identical to the map of the northeast part of this floor, however, it shows a safe route through the room, which avoids the false floors, so be sure to mark it on your map.

Use the small key on the locked door and carefully navigate through the pathway. Open the treasure chest along the way to get a red rupee. At the end of the pathway there are four crystal switches. Stand at the center of the switches and perform a spin attack to hit all of them at once. This will unlock the door in the center of the room. Backtrack through the maze and head up the staircase.

Walk around the center platform and hit the crystal switch, causing the red blocks to lower and the blue blocks to rise. Walk around the platform to the east end of the room and then travel southward.

Defeat the Gel enemies to get the dungeon item, the Boomerang. You can use the Boomerang by drawing lines on the screen with your stylus. On the right side of the screen, use the Boomerang to hit the crystal switch, causing the nearby flames to go out.

Travel to the northwest part of the map and you’ll find two switches on the other side of the lava. Trace a Boomerang path so it hits both switches, causing the nearby flame to go out. Walk down the steps to get back down to the previous floor.

Defeat the Yellow ChuChu and then stand just to the right of the red blocks. Use the Boomerang to trace a pathway to the crystal switch, lowering the blue blocks to the south.

In the next area there is a similar puzzle where you need to trace a Boomerang path to the crystal switch. This will lower the nearby flames, allowing Link quick access to the dungeon entrance.

Continue southward and you’ll find a pair of Fire Bubbles. These enemies cannot be defeated while they are surrounded by flames. Instead, you will first need to use the Boomerang to stun them, extinguishing the flames that engulf their bodies. Finish them off with sword slashes and then climb the nearby staircase.

On this floor you will find a group of Fire Keese. These enemies cannot be defeated with the sword, and instead will require the use of the Boomerang. There are two Fire Keese on the left side of the room and a third one on the right side of the lava. Defeat all three and a treasure chest will appear containing a red rupee.

At the south end of the room there are two levers that can be pulled. Pull both of them and the door on the left side of the room will open up.

At the west end of the room there is a rat that is moving around with a small key dangling from its tail. You cannot defeat this enemy with a sword, instead, you must use your Boomerang. Trace a path out in front where the rat moves and then unleash the Boomerang to acquire the small key.

Make your way to the southeast part of the room and hit the crystal switch with the Boomerang. Defeat the Octorok and then stand between the red and blue blocks. From there, use the Boomerang to hit the crystal switch again. Use the small key on the locked door and then head up the staircase.

Avoid the Gels and make your way to the bottom-right part of the room. Here you will find a picture that has four numbers on it. The picture correlates to the top-right part of the dungeon map. Be sure to jot the numbers down.

Travel back northward and use the microphone to blow out the two candles, lowering the flames that block the pathway. There are four switches here, which you need to hit in the correct order. Hit the bottom-left, then top-right, then top-left, and then bottom-right.

Hitting all four switches will cause a small key to appear. Use the Boomerang to grab the key. Run over to the south end of the room and use the key on the locked door.

Make your way to the southwest corner of the map and the door will close behind you. Use your Boomerang to defeat the four enemies and the doors will open. Travel northward and you’ll find a pair of Fire Bubbles. Use the Boomerang to defeat them both and the nearby flames will go out.

Travel northward and step on the switch to light the torch on the left. Use the Boomerang to trace a path through the flame and then towards the two other unlit torches. With all three torches lit, the nearby flames will go down.

The pathway to the right is blocked, but there is a crystal switch on the right side of the wall. Use the Boomerang to trace a path to the switch, causing a platform to appear. Avoiding the flames here, run over to the large treasure chest to get the Boss Key.

Carefully maneuver back through the room to get to the large locked gate at the south end of the map. Tap on the lock to toss the boss key at it, revealing the way. Climb the steps to the next floor.

Break the jars on the right to recover any lost health. Before climbing the steps, read the tablet to the left, which causes a blue warp portal to appear. This will allow you to quickly travel to and from the dungeon entrance. Once you are ready to take on the boss, climb the steps.

At the beginning of the battle, Blaaz will split into three smaller versions of itself. These pesky enemies will roam around the room, occasionally shooting slow fireballs out toward Link. While in this phase, these enemies are invulnerable to Link’s sword.

Instead, take a look at the top screen and you’ll see that the three icons of Blaaz each have a distinctive amount of horns. Use the Boomerang to first target the mini-Blaaz that has just 1 horn, then the one with 2 horns, and then 3 horns. With all three targeted, release the Boomerang.

When the three small versions of Blaaz come together, Blaaz will reform and will now be vulnerable to sword slashes. Unleash a fury of slashes on Blaaz and he’ll eventually start teleporting around the room. During this phase, Blaaz will also occasionally swipe at Link with his hand if he gets too close.

After a while, Blaaz will split back up into three mini-versions of himself. Repeat the same process by using the Boomerang to hit them in the correct order. Later in the battle, Blaaz will start to summon large boulders of fire that will fall from the ceiling, but these are easily avoidable. Keep slashing at Blaaz until he has been defeated.

After defeating Blaaz, Link will meet up with Leaf, the Spirit of Power. After a short talk, be sure to open the treasure chest to get a Heart Container, which increases your total life by one heart. Step into the blue warp portal to exit the dungeon.