Welcome to the Zelda II: The Adventure of Link walkthrough. This is a comprehensive 100% guide, including detailed dungeon and boss strategies along with the collection of all Heart Containers, Magic Containers and spells.

Chapter 1 – Parapa Palace

Chapter 2 – Midoro Palace

Chapter 3 – Island Palace

Chapter 4 – Maze Palace

Chapter 5 – Ocean Palace

Chapter 6 – Hidden Palace

Chapter 7 – Great Palace

  • John

    I found the fastest way to legitimately level up in the game. After you finish the first palace, you will end up going south. Down south there is a river/bridge you have to cross where skulls pop and land on the bridge. Just sit in one spot, put on your shield spell, and go to it. 3 points each kill. You can make about 50 xp per minute this way.

    They drop lots of bags of XP, and magic potion. If you work your way to the right side you can head in to town as they wear you down.

  • John

    Also, you may have noticed that as soon as you place a crystal at a palace, it finishes off whatever xp you were working on. If you are close to finishing one and you beat a boss, turn around and go back in to the palace before placing a crystal. Finish off the xp you’re working on, and then go back and place the crystal. You’ll get a twofer.

  • Sheldon Muller

    It’s maybe cheating, but I just hop over the statute and keep leveling up like normal until I am only 6lvls away from completely maxing out, then I return and place the crystals in each palace.

  • John

    Wait, how does that work? How do you jump over the statue? And when you do, do you have to refight the boss?

  • Sheldon Muller

    No you don’t need to fight them again, all you do is walk up to the statue like normal but jump before getting to the middle (where the crystal it’s placed). Then come back and place them later when you’re ready to max out (strength, magic, life are at 6). It’ll knock them last 6 levels easy.

  • John

    Sweet. Thats a great tip.

  • kabphillie

    I think it’s finally time that I beat this game.

  • LJ Knight

    I hope you did now.

  • MidnightNoon

    Another quick way is to wander around the graveyard south of the fourth town. Try to get caught by the big enemies; the battles you engage in feature two or three of the gators that throw axes, who are worth 100 XP a kill. If you run low on energy, go back to the town and recharge.

  • Daniel Sweeney

    this didn’t make any sense

  • phil62

    Where is the hammer located?