3.1 Dungeon Map

Once you enter the Temple, walk down the corridor, defeating some enemies in the process. There are some large spider webs that block your path, so you’ll have to use precision sword slashes to cut through them. Continue down the corridor, slashing down a number of trees as well as some keese. At the end of the corridor, you’ll find a deku baba sitting on a higher ledge and there is a purple switch right behind him. If you try climbing the vines right away, the deku baba will knock you down. Pull out your slingshot and hit the deku baba to temporarily stun him. Then quickly climb up the vines, defeat the deku baba, and slash at the crystal to open the door. Go through the door to reach the next room.

Stand on the center platform and you’ll see an Eye Guardian staring right at you. Stand on the circle in the center of the room and pull out your sword. The key to getting past this obstacle is to target the eye and move your sword in a circular manner. The eye will follow your sword and as you spin your sword faster, the eye will get dizzy and the door will unlock, so head on through.

In the next area, watch out for myu that are on the ground as you defeat the two deku babas that are hanging from the ceiling. Walk straight ahead and you’ll encounter a new member of the bokoblin family, the Green Bokoblin. They are found within indoor areas and are almost identical to their Red Bokoblin counterparts.

Once you get rid of the green bokoblin, turn around and you’ll see some creatures crawling around on the vines. These small spider creatures are known as Walltulas and they’ll move along the wall as such. A single slingshot seed will bring them crumbling to the ground. You could climb the vines and you’ll find a set of wooden barriers that you can break with your sword. This reveals a shortcut to the first corridor in the temple, making for easier transportation later on in the quest.

Back in the main room, the door that is straight ahead is chained and you’ll need a small key to progress. Both the doors on the sides are also closed, but the one on the right has a diamond switch above it. Hit it with your slingshot and then head through the opened door.

Slash through the spider web in this area and you’ll find a large spider known as a Skulltula. Its weak spot is the purple gem that can be found on its belly. Perform a horizontal sword slash to cause the skulltula to spin, revealing its weak spot. Then perform a thrust attack twice to defeat it. Drop down to the lower level and you’ll find a passage that Link can crawl through on the left wall behind some grass. Crawl through and you’ll find a crystal switch at the top of the room. Hit the switch with a slingshot seed and the water level in the temple will rise. Climb up the nearby vines and crawl through the hole found here. Back on this higher area, just return to the previous room.

The door straight ahead is barred. Jump in the water and below the barred door, you’ll find a small passage that leads to a crystal switch. Hit the crystal switch to open up the nearby door. Swim over to resurface and then head through the now opened door.

Defeat the green bokoblin here and you’ll notice that there are two large spiders. Since they are attached to their webs, these guys will be difficult to defeat. You’ll see a small tree stump on the side of the room and from there you’ll see two swirly green ropes. Hit both of them with your slingshot to cause them to fall. Jump across and swing from one rope to another to reach the other side.

On the other side, turn around and defeat the first skulltula that is in your way. Walk on that center platform and turn to the left. You’ll see another crystal switch so hit it with the slingshot to cause the water level to rise once again. Defeat the quadro baba at the south end of the room and then head through the nearby door to get back to the main room.

Walk over and open the large treasure chest found here to get the Dungeon Map. Jump off the ledge and now that the water has risen to a higher level, you’ll see a large log on the right side of the room. Jump on over and from there, knock down the walltula that is crawling on the vines. Jump over to the vines and climb up to the higher platform. Climb the steps and head through the room.

Jump down and defeat the skulltula that is in your way and then turn to the locked gate. There are two Eye Guardians on the sides this time. Position yourself so that both eyes are looking at you and then once again rotate your sword to confuse them. The eyes will fall, unlocking the gate and giving you access to the treasure chest. Open it up to get a small key. Climb the nearby steps and head back to the previous room.

Now that we have the small key, head on over to the north end of the room and use it on the locked door. Go through to reach the massive circular room in the center of the dungeon.

3.2 Beetle

Once you reach the large central room, look straight ahead and you’ll find a locked door. Directly above it is a diamond switch, so hit the switch with your slingshot and it will open the locked door. Head inside to take on the dungeon mini-boss, the Stalfos.

The stalfos wields two large swords and he will protect himself from two locations at all times. Sometimes he’ll hold the swords next to each other, such as protecting strikes from the top and the right. At this point, deliver a sword slash from one of the directions that is not being protected.

The stalfos clearly shows when it’s about to deliver a sword strike of its own. Just quickly jump backwards to avoid the attack and then go back on the offensive. Alternatively, if you time the attack from the stalfos, you can deliver a shield bash, which will cause its arms to crumble to the ground, allowing you to deliver several sword slashes.

If you run low on health there are a couple recovery hearts along the side of the room. Once the stalfos has been defeated you can open up the treasure chest in the center of the room to get the dungeon item, the Beetle. This item is a remote controlled flying beetle, allowing you to pilot it and hit enemies or switches.

You will immediately be facing the southeast corner of the room. Pull out the beetle and aim upwards through the hole in the wall. There is a skulltula in the way here, but it shouldn’t be much of a problem. Shoot the beetle through this hole and use the Wiimote to turn the beetle to the right. Hit the diamond switch located here and the nearby door will open up. Exit the room.

3.3 Golden Carving

Now that you have the Beetle and are at the exterior of this large room, walk over to the east or north end of the room. Defeat any of the nearby enemies and then pull out your beetle. Aim it back at the large structure in the center of the room and release the beetle. Keep following the beetle upwards and you’ll see a diamond switch near the top of the room. Hit it with the beetle and this will unlock a gate at the north end of this structure. Run on over and collect a piece of heart!

Within this room there are several wooden crates that are hanging from the ceiling by thin webs. Use the Beetle to cut these webs and knock these wooden crates down. You can easily collect several rupees by breaking all the wooden crates.

Walk to the west end of the room and you’ll see a door that is shut by a locked gate. If you look just above the door, there are two passageways high up. What you need to do is carefully aim your Beetle and shoot it through one of these passageways. Follow it along the narrow walls here and hit the diamond switch that is hidden behind the wall. Note, there are some enemy deku babas hanging from the ceiling, but you can cut them down by their stems using the beetle. Afterwards, go through the door that opens up.

Just run straight through this next room and go through the door at the end of the hallway. The door will shut behind you and once you walk forward a skulltula will appear. This one is already crawling on the ground, so in order to flip it over, deliver a sword slash going upwards, revealing its weak spot. If you look straight ahead there are three eye guardians found here, but you cannot get the attention of all three at the same time. You need to step up on a higher platform. Turn around and you’ll see some vines to the left. Climb up to reach the higher platform and you’ll see a steel crate hanging from the ceiling. Use the beetle to cut it from its rope and then push it down to the level below. You want to push it near the three eye guardians and then step on top of the box to get their attention. Rotate your sword to confuse all three eyes at once and the gate will open. Open the treasure chest to get a small key and then head back to the previous room.

Pull out your beetle and shoot it straight ahead. Control the beetle to go past the skulltula and near the end of the room you’ll see a diamond switch. Hit the diamond and the water level in this room will rise. Now you can reach the higher part of the room. Make your way back to the edge of the room, crawl through the hole, and head back to the large central room of the dungeon.

Walk to the east end of the room and you’ll see a locked door in the distance. There are five deku babas hanging from the ceiling here, as well as a quadro baba at the floor below. Your best bet is to use the beetle to cut down the three deku babas that are in the center. The two on the sides won’t give you any trouble at all, so you can avoid them entirely. Walk across the tight rope and use the key on the locked door to get to the next room.

Run and slash through the wooden barriers to find a new enemy, a Staldra. This small three-headed snake enemy has the ability to grow its heads back when they are chopped off. The key to defeat the Staldra is to cut all three heads off at the same time. This can be accomplished when they are all in a straight line. Note, if you fail to cut all three at the same time, a head will regrow, but the Staldra will always align its heads horizontally immediately after, so a simple horizontal sword slash will defeat it. Go through the door that opens up at the northwest part of the room.

Defeat the green bokoblin and then cut down the string that hangs the skulltula. Use a dash to jump over the gap to reach the final room before the dungeon boss. Right away hit the diamond switch above the door to the left, creating a shortcut to the earlier part of the dungeon. There is a tightrope in the center of the room and you’ll have to make your way across. Carefully do so and if a green bokoblin jumps on the rope, just jostle to knock it down.

At the north end of the room you can run over to the northwest corner and open a treasure chest to get a red rupee. Afterwards head to the northeast corner of the room and climb the vines. Cut the rope and then perform a dash jump to grab onto it. Turn the rope to the right a bit and then swing yourself over so that you can land on the nearby platform.

Climb the vines and make your way across this higher tree. You’ll see two of those swirly green ropes in the distance. Use your beetle or slingshot to hit both of these, extending them below. Jump on over and grab onto the first rope. Position yourself and then swing over to the second rope. Finally, swing over to the ledge at the southwest corner of the room. Open the large treasure chest to get a Golden Carving.

Climb the vines and then jump over the gap. Fall down and you’ll then have to make your way across the tight rope once again. Do so and then run on over to the Bird Statue to save your game. Your are now ready to take on the temple boss.

Walk on over to the large door and examine it. Rotate the Golden Carving so that it fits within the lock and then insert it to open the door.

3.4 Demon Lord Ghirahim

As soon as you walk in a cut-scene will take place, introducing yourself to Ghirahim, the Temple boss. After some lengthy discussion, the boss battle will begin.

During the first phase of the battle, Ghirahim will walk up to you, holding his fingers up, waiting to catch your sword as you slash at him. The key to harming him at this point, is to quickly turn where your sword is and slash at him. Hold your sword on the right and Ghirahim will block in that direction. Then quickly deliver a sword slash from left to right using your Wiimote and you’ll hit him almost every time. If Ghirahim does catch your sword, quickly waggle your Wiimote to break free. Just continue hitting in this fashion until he changes up his attacks.

Ghirahim will eventually jump back and will equip a sword of his own. He will summon red daggers and send them out in Link’s direction. They will always be in a direct line, so perform a sword slash in that same direction to deflect them away. Alternatively you can just run away from these attacks or use a shield bash.

Ghirahim will also perform another new attack where he lowers his body and charges directly at you, performing a sword slash. This attack is much more difficult to run away from and your best bet is to use your shield to defend yourself. If you deliver a shield bash just as Ghirahim is about to strike you, your shield will stun him, leaving him vulnerable for attack. Alternatively you can time a sword slash so that you hit him once he gets really close to you. Ghirahim will either run to the left or right of you and you must deliver a sword slash in the direction that he charges at you. After an initial hit, you can deliver a number of consecutive hits to harm Ghirahim.

Lastly, Ghirahim will teleport throughout the room, appearing right behind Link where he will deliver a traditional sword slash. As soon as Ghirahim teleports behind you, he holds his sword in a certain direction, blocking one of the direction attacks. Quickly deliver a sword slash from any other direction to harm him.

That is about all there is to the Ghirahim battle. There are several pots on the side of the room that contain recovery hearts, so you can use those if you get in trouble. If you have serious problems, then I suggest using the bird statue outside of the boss room to return to the sky and get some potions from the potion shop.

After Ghirahim has been defeated, collect the full Heart Container that is left behind and then run over to door. Go on through to enter the Skyview Spring.

Jump in the water and run behind the structure here and you will find a Goddess Cube. Deliver a Skyward Strike to send the cube in the sky. Now run back and deliver a skyward strike to the emblem that is straight ahead. During the cut-scene Link will acquire the Ruby Tablet, which will allow us to progress to the next region. It’s just cut-scenes from here on out, so take them in stride and I’ll see you all in Chapter 4.