BS The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets

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Ancient Stone Tablets
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The Japanese title, BS Zelda No Densetsu: Inishie No Sekiban, translates to BS The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets. It was basically a "Master Quest" for A Link to the Past for the Satellaview which was a Japanese only attachment for the Super Famicom. The "BS" part stands for Broadcast Satellaview.

In Japan, this was a second game which built off of A Link to the Past released for the Super Famicom. This was the Ancient Stone Tablets and it released in 1997. While following in the footsteps of A Link to the Past, BS Zelda: The Ancient Stone Tablets also features a slew of differences from the title it is heavily based on in terms of gameplay and graphics. The game lacks a title screen, replaced by a simple loading one. Save file options are also lacking. Dungeons are completely revamped although smaller than their A Link to the Past counterparts. The 16 bit Link sprite is trashed with Satellaview ones in its place. Moreover, a time limit is in place. The software was playable via the Satellaview attachment. This accessory opened new realms of gameplay possibilities. Games on the system were partitioned by week meaning during every seven day cycle, a new portion of the game would be unlocked. The game was programmed to stream this content, two Dungeons, per week at specific times. Due to being connected to a radio network, music was occasionally streamed while playing the game. This feature was known as "sound link". The story is rather intriguing as well, a cherry on top for a great but forgotten gem. The game takes place six years after A Link to the Past and begins unfolding by diving deeper into the story of Aginah, the junior brother of everyone's favorite tongue twister Sahasrahla. He finds your character along with Princess Zelda and as the "Hero of Light" you must traverse the land slaying monsters as well as collecting the Ancient Stone Tablets hence the game's namesake.