Level 5 (Ancient Stone Tablets)

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Level 5


Week 3, dungeon 1




Level 4 (Week 2)








Level 5 is the fifth dungeon in Ancient Stone Tablets (BS Zelda No Densetsu: Inishie No Sekiban). It is located in the Swamp Ruins building, as seen in A Link to the Past.

Level 5 can be accessed only in Week 3. In the final week, the entrance is blocked by a Thief, who will give the Hero of Light a Big Bag containing any dungeon items (including the Heart Container and Ancient Stone Tablet) they did not collect during Week 3.

Gaining Entrance

When Week 3 begins in Link's House, the Hero of Light must take the Worn-Out Glove from the chest in the corner. This allows the Hero to lift one rock per area (screen transition). They must also have the Pegasus Boots from Level 1. If the Hero missed these during Week 1, they can obtain them from a thief who blocks the entrance to Level 1 from Week 2 onward, but who will give the hero the major items from Level 1 when spoken to.

A warp point is located immediately beside the entrance to Level 5, as with the other dungeons once unlocked. Playing the Flute and choosing the ⑤ will cause the bird to fly the Hero straight to it.

Once the Hero reaches the Swamp Ruins, they must lift a rock with the Worn-Out Glove, then destroy the pile of rocks by charging them with the Pegasus Boots. With these gone, they can enter Level 5.

Dungeon Overview



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