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Golden Bee
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Artwork of the Golden Bee from Nintendo Power Magazine Issue 036, pg. 100







The Golden Bee, also known as Good Bee in the SNES version of A Link to the Past, is a Bee that Link can catch using the Bug Net and release against other enemies.

A Link to the Past


The Golden Bee is a legendary bee that can only be found in two places in this game. This bee is stronger than a regular Bee and will never fly away from Link. To catch it, Link can go to the cave where the Ice Rod is obtained. In the cave next to that one, Link can find a Fairy Fountain with two fairies and a fairy statue. Dash into the Fairy Statue with the Pegasus Boots and a Golden Bee will appear. Like regular bees, Golden Bees also can be caught and stored in a Bottle using the Bug Net.[1]

Link also can sell the Golden Bee to the Street Merchant in Kakariko Village who had previously sold Link a Bottle. Release the Golden Bee near him and when it touches him, he will give Link 100 rupees. In the Game Boy Advance version, if Link shows the Golden Bee to the shopkeeper of Bottled Goods Shop in the Village of Outcasts, he will start to sell the Golden Bee for 88 Rupees.

A Link Between Worlds

Bottled Golden Bee - ALBW icon.png

Golden Bees can be found in the grass, but are much rarer than regular Bees. Additionally, they can be obtained by paying 888 Rupees to the Mysterious Man dwelling in a cave in the Skull Woods portion of Lorule. Besides the Mysterious Man, the Item Seller in Thieves' Town will sell them for 9,999 Rupees, being the maximum amount of Rupees that Link can possibly hold. After catching one and giving it to the Bee Guy in Kakariko Village, he thanks Link by giving him the Bee Badge. This prevents Bees from stinging Link and instead makes them fight enemies fearlessly alongside him, doing three times the amount of damage. Golden Bees are worth 300 rupees when sold.


  • The Golden Bee is called the Good Bee in the original version of A Link to the Past, but its name was changed to Golden Bee in the GBA remake of the game.

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