Thieves' Town

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This article is about the town in A Link Between Worlds. For the dungeon in A Link to the Past, see Thieves' Town (Dungeon).
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Thieves' Town is a location found in Lorule in A Link Between Worlds. It is the Lorule counterpart to Kakariko Village, as it is found in the same area and has many of the same buildings and inhabitants.

Thieves' Town is home of one of the dungeons in Lorule, the Thieves' Hideout, where the portrait of sage Osfala is been kept. Also, several Moblins can be found around town, which will attack Link when spotted. In Hyrule, there is an old man who can be found with StreetPass battle posts. In the corresponding area in Lorule, there is a group of people wearing masks, who are known as the Masked Followers. Their leader, the Masked Elder, says that all of them is protected by wearing a mask.