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Masked Elder
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Sahasrahla (Hyrulean counterpart)

The Masked Elder is the leader of the Masked Followers from A Link Between Worlds. He appears in Thieves' Town and is always found standing on a raised platform in the west of the village, surrounded by his followers. Prior to completing Thieves' Hideout and rescuing the Thief Girl, the Masked Elder appears to only have one follower, but later, he is joined by one more and the Masked Granny. The Masked Granny claims to be his housekeeper, and she only stands there because it is a part of her job.[1]

The Masked Elder spends most of his time preaching his beliefs. Though Lorule has been desolated, he warns his followers not to fall into the lure of thievery that has taken most of the town.[2] Instead, he proposes that they wear masks representing monsters, believing it is the only way to free themselves from the corruption that has taken them.[3] His catchphrase is "mumbo jumbo, mumbo jumbo."[4]


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