Masked Followers

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This article is about the group from A Link Between Worlds. For individual characters of the same name, see Masked Follower (Male) and Masked Follower (Female).

The Masked Followers is a group that appears in A Link Between Worlds. Their members can be found all over Lorule, though their origins appear to be in Thieves' Town. The Masked Elder is their apparent leader, and he can be found on a large platform in the west of the town, preaching their ideals. The Masked Followers can be easily recognized by the masks they wear that resemble monsters. They appear to have several members, as almost everyone in the town can be found wearing one.[1]

The group seems to be a response to the destruction of Lorule and an alternative to becoming a thief, as many others have.[2] According to the Masked Elder, they believe that they can be saved from "corruption" by becoming monsters and wearing the masks.[3] Their signature phrase is "Mumbo jumbo, mumbo jumbo."

Many Loruleans joined the Masked Followers to escape problems they have had in their lives. For example, the female Masked Follower says that being a monster is very calming.[4] The Bird-Masked Man, on the other hand, put on a mask because his bird friends turned into monsters and he wanted to join them.[5] The Thief Girl also steals a mask from what she claims was an abandoned house, but she simply wants to hide her identity.[6]



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