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In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 アスファル (Asufaru)
United States English Osfala
France Française Asphar
Spain Español Osfala
Germany Deutsch Osfala
Italy Italiana Asfal

Osfala is a character from A Link Between Worlds. He is the apprentice of Sahasrahla and is later revealed to be one of the descendants of the Seven Sages.


Osfala turned into a painting

Early in Link's journey, Link meets up with Sahasrahla in Kakariko Village. After that Yuga is after the descendants of the Seven Sages, Sahasrahla advises Link to find Osfala at the Eastern Palace. Osfala is then first encountered at the entrance to the Eastern Palace, where Link warns him about Yuga. However, Osfala shows no signs of fear, emphasizing that he has the Sand Rod, and enters the dungeon.

After Link traverses through the dungeon and reaches the dungeon boss, he finds Osfala being turned into a painting by Yuga. Osfala will remain in Yuga's possession until Link reaches Lorule.

After Link journeys into Lorule, the seven descendants are scattered throughout the overworld. Osfala's painting is hidden in the Thieves' Hideout, which is found in Thieves' Town, the equivalent of Kakariko Village. After Link defeats the boss of the dungeon, Stalblind, the Thief Girl leads Link to the painting, which is actually inside a nearby house, which was locked.

After touching the painting, Osfala will awaken as one of the sages. He will give Link back the Sand Rod. However, once Link leaves the house, the Sand Rod is swiped up Sheerow, Ravio's partner, and it's taken back to Ravio's Shop. Link can then rent or purchase the item, which is required to reach the Desert Palace.

Osfala, along with the six other sages use their power to give Link the Triforce of Courage and also work to break the barrier that is surrounding Lorule Castle. After Link defeats Yuga Ganon and completes the quest, Osfala can be seen in the ending back at Sahasrahla's house, talking to Sahasrahla's Housekeeper.

Osfala is secretly loved by Sahasrahla's Housekeeper. However, it appears as if her love is not returned.