Blacksmith's Wife (Lorule)

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Blacksmith's Wife
Blacksmith's Wife Lorule.png






Blacksmith (husband)
Blacksmith's Wife (Hyrule) (Hyrulean counterpart)

The Blacksmith's Wife is a character from A Link Between Worlds. She lives with her husband, Lorule's greatest Blacksmith, in their house. The Blacksmith's Wife is much more rude than her Hyrulean counterpart, though she admits she has become nicer.[1] Link first meets her after he is transported out of Lorule Castle by Hilda. Once Link awakens in her house, the Wife immediately berates him for sleeping so long. [2]

If Link dies in battle he has the option to reappear back in the Blacksmith's House if he is inside a dungeon. If not, he reappears there automatically. Once he awakens, the Wife yells at him again and does so each time he awakens after dying. [3]


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