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Hint Ghost






Hint Ghosts are characters found within A Link Between Worlds. As their name suggests, Hint Ghosts give out hints, but at a cost of 1 Play Coin per hint. They are normally hidden and invisible to the player, but can be seen by wearing the Hint Glasses. There are 193 total Hint Ghosts spread throughout the game, 58 in the overworld and 135 in dungeons.



Lost Woods Area

  1. Lost Woods, lower right
  2. Lost Woods Maze (1st junction, missable after obtaining Master Sword)
  3. Lost Woods Maze (2nd junction, missable after obtaining Master Sword)
  4. Lost Woods Maze (3rd junction, missable after obtaining Master Sword)
  5. Outside entrance to Death Mountain
  6. Near Fortune-Teller

Death Mountain Area

  1. Ledge near Spectacle Rock
  2. Tower of Hera entrance
  3. Right of Floating Island (appears once player has access to Lorule)
  4. Upper entrance to Fire Cave

Sanctuary / Zora Area

  1. Sanctuary Pegs
  2. Near Grave entrance
  3. Right of Graveyard ledge (appears once player has access to Lorule)
  4. Witch's House (appears once player can merge)
  5. Near Waterfall cave
  6. Zora's Domain

Kakariko Village Area

  1. Kakariko Village Well
  2. Next to Shady Guy (appears after running into him at Zora's Domain)
  3. Stylish Woman's House (appears once player has access to Lorule)
  4. Near Dodge the Cuccos minigame
  5. Near Rupee Rush minigame

Central Hyrule Area

  1. Behind Blacksmith
  2. Blacksmith Cave
  3. Hyrule Castle Rocks
  4. StreetPass Tree (appears with StreetPass Tree)

Eastern Ruins Area

  1. Southeast Bridge
  2. Eastern Ruins Entrance
  3. Eastern Ruins Pegs
  4. Eastern Ruins Cave

Desert Area

  1. Desert East
  2. Desert Center
  3. Desert Southwest

Southern Ruins Area

  1. Pillar Cave Entrance

Lake Hylia Area

  1. House of Gales entrance
  2. Hyrule Hotfoot
  3. Near Letter in a Bottle


Skull Woods Area

  1. North, near destroyed house
  2. South, near entrance sign

Death Mountain Area

  1. Treacherous Tower entrance
  2. Ice Ruins entrance

Graveyard Area

  1. Near weather vane

Dark Ruins Area

  1. Near northern chasm
  2. Halfway through the Dark Maze
  3. Dark Palace entrance

Central Lorule Area

  1. Fortune's Choice (inside)
  2. Veteran Thief's House (inside)
  3. Lorule Fortune-Teller
  4. Rupee Rush minigame
  5. Great Rupee Fairy
  6. Octoball Derby
  7. Vacant House
  8. Swamp Palace entrance, left
  9. Swamp Palace entrance, right

Misery Mire Area

  1. North, by ledge Heart Piece
  2. Southwest

Turtle Rock Area

  1. Near Turtle being bullied (appears after killing the four Ku enemies)
  2. Near Turtle stuck to wall
  3. Turtle Rock entrance


Eastern Palace

First Floor

  1. Dungeon entrance, right-side of yellow barrier.
  2. First room after the entrance, center platform.
  3. Center / third room, right-side of upper area.
  4. Upper-right room, lower half.
  5. Upper-right room, upper half.
  6. Upper-left room.
  7. Platform (Outside)

Second Floor

  1. Upper-left room, upper half.
  2. Upper-left room, lower half.
  3. Lower-center room, left side.
  4. Lower-center room, right side.
  5. Lower-left room.
  6. Lower-right room.
  7. Upper-right room
  8. Platform (Outside)

Third Floor

  1. Upper-platform, left-side. (Outside)

Tower of Hera

First Floor

  1. Center room, lower half.
  2. Center room, upper half.

Third Floor

  1. Center room, left side.
  2. Center room, upper side.
  3. Right side room. (Outside)

Fifth Floor

  1. Center room.

Sixth Floor

  1. Center room.

Seventh Floor

  1. Center room.

Tenth Floor

  1. Right-side platform

Twelfth Floor

  1. Top-left of platform

House of Gales

First Floor

  1. Entrance room of dungeon.
  2. Center room, main floor.
  3. Center room, upper platform.
  4. Lower left room.
  5. Lower right room.

Second Floor

  1. Center room, Upper-floor.
  2. Center room, Lower floor.
  3. Bottom left room, Lower floor (Outside)
  4. Bottom left room, Upper platform (Outside)

Third Floor

  1. Right-room.
  2. Center-bottom room.
  3. Left-side room.
  4. Center-middle room.

Thieves' Hideout (starting from entrance of current floor)

Basement 1

  1. Center room.
  2. Bottom-left room.

Basement 2

  1. Middle-left room.
  2. Middle-Center room.

Basement 3

  1. Center-area.
  2. Lower-most area.

Desert Palace (starting from entrance of current floor)

First Floor

  1. Lower-Middle room, upper area.
  2. Upper-Middle room, upper-right area, upper platform.
  3. Upper-Middle room, upper area, upper-platform.
  4. Lower-Right room, upper-platform.
  5. Bottom-Left(Right-side room) Lower-left area.
  6. Bottom-Left(Right-side room) Upper-Right area.

Second Floor

  1. Middle-Center room.
  2. Middle-Right room. (Becomes buried and inaccessible after filling room with sand)
  3. Upper-Center/Right room.
  4. Upper-Left room.

Third Floor

  1. Lower-Left room.
  2. Upper-Right room. (Requires clever use of Sand Rod (or glitches) to return to after filling main hallway with sand)

Skull Woods (starting from entrance of current floor)

Basement 1

  1. Middle-Right room.
  2. Lower-Middle room.
  3. Right room, upper-area.
  4. Right room, lower-area.
  5. Right room, lower-area.

Basement 2

  1. Center-most room.
  2. Lower-Right room.

Dark Palace (starting from entrance of current floor)

First Floor

  1. Lowest-Center room, left side.
  2. Lowest-Center room, upper-middle side.
  3. Lower-Center room, lower entrance.
  4. Lower-Center room, upper-right.
  5. Upper-Center room.
  6. Upper-Left room.
  7. Lower-Left room. (enter room using bomb on lowered elevator)
  8. Upper-Right room, lower area.
  9. Upper-Right room, upper area.

Basement Floor

  1. Upper-Middle room, left side.
  2. Upper-Middle room, right side.
  3. Upper-Right room, upper-left side.
  4. Upper-Right room, lower-left side.
  5. Lower-Middle room, right side.
  6. Lower-Middle room, middle side.
  7. Lower-Right room, lower floor.
  8. Lower-Left room.
  9. Upper-Left room, lower-right area.
  10. Upper-Left room, upper-right area.

Second Floor

  1. Upper-Center room.
  2. Right room.
  3. Lower-Center room, upper-middle area.
  4. Lower-Center room, lower-middle area.
  5. Lower-Center room, left side.
  6. Lower-Center room, right side.
  7. Left room.

Swamp Palace

First Floor

  1. Lowest-Center room.
  2. Center room.
  3. Lower-Left room.
  4. Lower-Right room

Basement Floor

  1. Left-Middle room.
  2. Upper room, left side.
  3. Upper room, right side.
  4. Lower-Center room, left side.
  5. Lower-Center room, right side.

Ice Ruins

First Floor

  1. Center room.

Basement 1

  1. Top-Right room.

Basement 2

  1. Bottom-Middle room.
  2. Bottom-Right room.
  3. Top-Middle room.

Basement 3

  1. Left-edge of southern platform (Bottom of floor)
  2. Center-most room.
  3. Right room.
  4. Northern platform (Upper area of floor)

Basement 4

  1. Top-right platform.
  2. Left platform.
  3. Center room, directly outside Boss Door

Turtle Rock

First Floor

  1. Bottom-Middle room.
  2. Center Room, Bottom area.
  3. Center Room, Right area, upper platform.
  4. Lower-Left room.

Basement 1

  1. Center room, upper area.
  2. Center room, Lower left area.
  3. Lower-Left room.
  4. Upper-Left room.
  5. Lower-Middle room.

Hyrule Castle

Third Floor

  1. Top room.

Lorule Castle

Third Floor

  1. Main room.
  2. Left room, top right corner.
  3. Left room, center of room, Upper platform.
  4. Left room, lower left, up-most platform.
  5. Left room, upper left, up-most platform.
  6. Right room, center area.
  7. Right room, lower center area.
  8. Right room, lower right area, upper platform.

Fourth Floor

  1. Main room, right side.
  2. Main room, lower left. (Merge to reach)
  3. Left floor, lower right platform.
  4. Right room, center area.
  5. Right room, top left.
  6. Right room, lower left.