Blacksmith (Lorule)

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The Blacksmith is a character that appears within Lorule in A Link Between Worlds. His counterpart, also known as The Blacksmith, appears in Hyrule. When Link first arrives in Lorule, he soon arrives at the Blacksmith's house.

Lorule's Blacksmith is the best blacksmith in the world, followed closely by the Hyrulean Blacksmith.[1] The Blacksmith seems depressed before he upgrades Link's sword. However, he is very happy with his work after forging the upgraded sword, and his mood becomes lighter. Initially, the Blacksmith refuses to upgrade the Master Sword when it is at Lv 1, stating that it is a low quality sword. However, after the Master Sword has been upgraded to Lv 2 by the Blacksmith in Hyrule, Link can collect two additional pieces of Master Ore, and the Blacksmith in Lorule upgrades the sword to its final and most powerful state.[2]


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