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Spoiler Alert! This article describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.
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Rosso is a character from A Link Between Worlds. He is the local miner of Hyrule,[1][2] and has his own ore mine. He can normally be found within his home, which can be found in northern Hyrule; it is west of Death Mountain and east of the Lost Woods.

Rosso appears to be a good friend of the Blacksmith, as within the game, he asks Link to say hi to the Blacksmith for him twice; once after he gives Link the Power Glove,[3] and another after Link has saved him from his painting, within the Sages' Realm.[4]


Power Glove

Once Link has completed the Eastern Palace, he can head to the Miner's House to find that some falling rocks smashed the roof of the home, creating a large hole.[5] Inside, he can find Rosso attempting to move the rocks that fell into his home.[6][7] Furthermore, once Rosso realizes that Link can't relieve stress by moving the rocks like he can, he feels sympathy towards Link.[8][9] Because of this, he decides to give Link the Power Glove, an item that allows Link to lift small rocks.[10][11][12]

If Link uses the Power Gloves to get rid of all the rocks that have fallen around Rosso's home, Rosso rewards Link by allowing him to open a chest inside the house,[13] which contains a Purple Rupee, worth 50.[14]


Spoiler Alert! This section describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.

After Link has acquired the Master Sword and entered Lorule, Rosso is nowhere to be found. According to a sign left near his house, Rosso has gone to his ore mine on Death Mountain;[15] however, if Link travels to the ore mine, Rosso is not there. Rosso is actually a descendant of the Seven Sages, and was thus captured by Yuga and used to free Ganon. After Yuga was done with Rosso's painting, he sealed the painting away, deep inside the Ice Ruins.

However, Link can enter the ruins as long as he has the Fire Rod. With this item, Link can traverse through the dungeon until he reaches the Boss, Dharkstare. Once Dharkstare has been defeated, Link can free Rosso from his painting. Along with the rest of the freed Sages, Rosso assists in producing the Triforce of Courage, which Link is free to collect.

According to Rosso, he knew he was a Sage for a long time.[16] He never told anybody not because it was a secret, but because he was simply too busy mining to mention it.[17]


  • Rosso has the Goron symbol on his belt buckle. This may imply that he has some connection to the Gorons, in particular Darunia, one of the previous Seven Sages.



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