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Bomb-Shop Man (Lorulean counterpart)

The Swimmer is a character from A Link Between Worlds. He can be found in the east of Lake Hylia on a small island near the House of Gales. When Link first meets him, the Swimmer is stretching.[1] He reminds Link to do his own stretches as well.[2] However, upon realizing that Link is not worried about his stretches, he asks if Link is more concerned about the House of Gales behind him.[3] He explains that Link can see it by "stretching" using the D-Pad, which allows him to see farther to one side and spot the dungeon.[4] Because there is no way to reach the building by land, the Swimmer learned to swim so he could reach it anytime.[5] However, even though he can reach it, it's not possible to enter it initially, so the Swimmer suggests that they continue stretching.[6] According to him, one can do anything as long as they keep up their stretching.[7]


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