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Rumor Guy
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The Rumor Guy is a character who appears in A Link Between Worlds.

A Link Between Worlds

The Rumor Guy can be found in the east of the woods in northern Hyrule across a pit that can be crossed only when Link uses his Hookshot on a nearby tree. He stays in a room seemingly carved into a toppled tree trunk. He offers Link the gossip stories on the Witch, Princess Zelda, and Gramps.[1][2]

When Link first enters his home, he recognizes the hero and explains that he saw him using his "shooty chain thing" to reach his place.[3] He stops Link if he tries to leave, claiming that he can give him interesting secrets.[4]

The story he tells about the Witch describes how she loved the Fortune-Teller. After the Fortune-Teller got sick, she made a potion for him, discreetly dropping it off, but later the Fortune-Teller tells her future and claims that she will never have a future with the man she loves, failing to realize that it is himself that she loves.[5] Princess Zelda's rumor involves her visiting a painting of an ancient hero and princess cuddling every night, which the Rumor Guy believes is due to her having love on her mind.[6] The story about Gramps is one that the Rumor Guy claims to have seen with his own eyes.[7] According to him, he saw Gramps wake up at the crack of dawn and proceed to do one-fingered handstands.[8]


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    What happened?
    So, the witch is at the fortune-teller's place–you've been there, yeah? So, he does a show with his hands and says, "But I see... I see...a man that you fancy! His face is cloudy... He does not return your affections! There is no future for the two of you." You believe that? What a fool! He couldn't tell that he was looking at himself! That poor woman... Never thought I'd feel bad for a witch! Now you've heard it. Go on, now. That gossip ain't gonna spread itself!
    " — Rumor Guy, A Link Between Worlds
  6. "Oh, that princess... She's quite an interesting one, let me tell you. You wanna hear something juicy? When we reach a certain age, even the princess comes to a point where she has love on her mind, right...?
    Of course!
    OK, WELL... You didn't hear it from me, but every night the princess goes on a little excursion inside the castle. Her maids say that she's secretly meeting someone. Apparently, she's not very good at the "secretly" part. So, one night, someone gave in to the delicious temptation of curiosity and decided to follow the princess... And guess what happened!
    What happened?
    The princess stopped in front of a large painting on display in the center of the castle. And she stood there just staring up at the painting for 10 minutes. And then went back to her room. Just like that! So when the person following her went to inspect the painting... You'll never guess what happened! That painting...?
    This painting was of a hero and princess from several generations ago cuddling in one another's arms... This person following her–it wasn't me, I swear–continued to follow her every night! Creepy. And it was the same thing every time! Princess Zelda would just stare at that picture night after night... Not a very exciting end, I suppose. Maybe that's not so juicy after all. Oh well. They can't all be overripe fruit! The painting brought out a look of such admiration that had never been seen before in the princess. Now you've heard it. Go on, now. That gossip ain't gonna spread itself!
    " — Rumor Guy, A Link Between Worlds
  7. "Well, this isn't a rumor. It's something I actually saw with my own two peepers. But I probably shouldn't say anything–I'm not one to gossip. I might get in trouble if I told you. But on the other hand, if you really want to know, I mean... OK, WELL..." — Rumor Guy, A Link Between Worlds
  8. "So, Gramps in Kakariko Village? Near the town square? He's 80 years old, or so he says. I don't think he's just some ordinary old man who's just hangin' around... So this one time, I saw him at the crack of dawn. You'll never guess what he was doing!
    Yes! Handstands! So you saw him too, Link?! He was doing handstands! Not any ordinary handstands. One-fingered handstands! Really! I saw it! Either he's doing a sort of intense physical training or he's got some secret abilities he's hiding. But I don't want to be on that guy's bad side, so I didn't tell you nuthin'! Now you've heard it. Go on, now. That gossip ain't gonna spread itself!
    " — Rumor Guy, A Link Between Worlds