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Masked Granny
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Housekeeper (Hyrulean counterpart)

The Masked Granny is a character from A Link Between Worlds. She is the housekeeper of the Masked Elder, and he orders her to join the Masked Followers as a part of the job.[1] As a result, she is found standing near him in the west of Thieves' Town. Unfortunately, she often bites her tongue when trying to say the followers' catchphrase of "Mumbo jumbo, mumbo jumbo."[2] When Link approaches her but does not say anything, she tells him to scram because she is tending to business.[3]



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  2. "Mumbo jumbo, mumbo jumb—OUCH! Argh, I bit my tongue again!" — Masked Granny, A Link Between Worlds
  3. "You're a tight-lipped sort, eh? Well, if you don't have any business here, scram! I'm tending to... business." — Masked Granny, A Link Between Worlds