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Veteran Thief (Lorulean Counterpart)

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Habitué (Regular)
Spain Español Cliente habitual (Regular Customer)
Germany Deutsch Stammgast (Regular)
Italy Italiana Cliente abituale (Regular Customer)

The Customer is a character who appears in A Link Between Worlds and is the Hyrulean counterpart of the Veteran Thief. He can be found drinking milk besides the counter within the Milk Bar in Kakariko Village. When Link talks to the Customer, he is aggravated by Link's presence and asks him what he wants and if he can drink his milk in peace.[1] Shortly after, he apologizes for being grumpy to Link and explains he was just thinking about how he used magnifying glasses to read maps.[2] However, his eyesight is deteriorating, and as a result, a magnifying glass does not help him read maps now.[3]

After he ends the conversation, Link can talk to him again. The Customer asks him if he has ever tried using a magnifying glass to look at a map and explains that pressing + and - is sort of dizzy fun.[4]

During the credits, the Customer can be seen at the counter with his milk like before, not paying attention to the Bard and Flute Boy playing music to the other villagers.



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