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Cucco Girl
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The Cucco Girl is a character who appears in A Link Between Worlds. She runs Cucco Ranch and the Dodge the Cuccos mini-game. If Link arrives before witnessing Seres's capture, she informs him that it is too early in the day and the Cuccos are still waking up.[1] When he visits her for the first time after that, she greets him eagerly, asking if he wants to play with her "cutsey" Cuccos.[2] If he agrees, she tells him that the Cuccos are pleased and then explains the rules of Dodge the Cuccos.[3] She starts Link on the Egg level since he is new.[4] From then on, she offers to let Link play the game whenever he speaks with her. As he completes levels, higher levels become available, until he finally completes the Rooster level and she creates a "special" challenge for him, the Endless level.[5] Each time Link completes a level (or survives the Endless level for over 100 seconds) she congatulates him and gives him a prize, typically an amount of Rupees that varies depending on the difficulty of the level.[6][7] If he finishes the Rooster level, however, she also gives him a Piece of Heart for making the Cuccos so happy.[8] The Cucco Girl also tells Link to do his best before every match,[9] and thanks him in behalf of the Cuccos after playing.[10]

If Link survives the mini-game on Endless mode for 999 seconds, she declares him the Cuccomaster and gives him a Large Cucco.[11]


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