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Spoiler Alert! This article describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.
Queen Oren


Queen of the Zoras






Queen Oren is a character from A Link Between Worlds. She is one of the Seven Sages and the leader of the Zora.


Link first meets Oren when he visits Zora's Domain on his quest to find the Pendants of Virtue. Upon entering a room behind a waterfall, he finds a bloated, large Queen Oren and the Zora Underlings frantic over her state.[1][2][3] Link quickly learns that the Shady Guy he bumped into earlier has stolen her Smooth Gem.[4] With her gem gone, Oren is incapable of containing her power and begins increasing in size.[5] The Zora Underlings ask Link to recover the queen's Smooth Gem.[6][7] Journeying to Kakariko Village, Link finds out that the Shady Guy has sold the Smooth Gem to the Street Merchant.[8] Link is able to purchase the gem off of him for 200 Rupees.[9] When Link returns to Zora's Domain, the Zora Underlings beg Link to throw the gem in the water.[10][11] Once Link does so, the queen immediately returns to normal.[12] Oren, back in her true form, thanks Link.[13] She introduces herself as the Queen of the Zoras and explains that she relies on that Smooth Gem, so she is grateful to have it back.[14] As a reward, Oren gives Link the Zora's Flippers.[15] She warns him that although they allow him to swim, some of the Zoras may still attack, as they consider the waters their domain.[16] She also apologizes for the previous uproar.[17]

After Link acquires the Master Sword, he hears from the Zora Underlings that Oren has gone out for a swim and not returned.[18] It is revealed that Oren is actually one of the Seven Sages and Yuga has turned her into a painting in order to resurrect Ganon. Link saves Oren from Arrghus in the depths of Swamp Palace. Oren thanks Link and apologizes that she does not have a reward for him.[19] If freed early on, she explains to Link that he must rescue all the Sages from the dungeons of Lorule so that they can aid him in his quest.[20] Although she does not mind being in Link's debt as long as the evil is defeated, she wants to return home soon so that the Zoras can stop worrying about her.[21] Back at her domain, the Zora Underlings are relieved to hear that she is all right, although they are concerned that they never realized she was kidnapped.[22]

However, if Oren is saved after all the other Sages have been rescued, she tells Link that his courage inspires them and, whether rescued last or early on, she helps her fellow Sages summon the Triforce of Courage as a reward.[23] As he climbs up the steps to reach it, she informs him that he is one of the best of his people and he must complete the final stages of his quest so that she can go home.[24]



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