Pendants of Virtue

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Pendants of Virtue
Lttp mastersword sprite.jpg
Displaying the three pendants for the Master Sword in A Link to the Past



Eastern Palace, Desert Palace, Tower of Hera (A Link to the Past)
Hyrule Castle, Desert Palace, Tower of Hera (A Link Between Worlds)



Claiming the Master Sword


Showing the Master Sword the three Pendants of Virtue are one of the ways that Link can have the Blade of Evil's Bane recognise him as the chosen Hero.


"Ancient Hylian lore states that only the person who wears the Pendants of Courage, Power and Wisdom can become the Hero. It has also been said that only the Hero can wield the Master Sword. The three Pendants are the key to unlocking the Master Sword from the stone in which it has been imbedded [sic] for eons. When Link obtains all three Pendants, he should go to the Lost Woods and find the Master Sword. After obtaining the powerful work of art, he can go after the root of the evil."

A Link to the Past

There are three Pendants in A Link to the Past. Unlike later games in The Legend of Zelda series; the color that denotes "Wisdom" is red, and the color representing "Power" is blue, although "Courage" remains green. Link needs to take all three to the Lost Woods to prove he is the Hero worthy of the Master Sword. They are all found in the first part of the game, in the Light World.


The Pendant of Courage is the green-colored and first pendant found in the Eastern Palace that is located (as the name implies) on the Eastern side of Hyrule. It is acquired by defeating the dungeon boss, Armos Knights.

The Pendant of Power is the blue-colored pendant found in the Desert Palace in the Desert of Mystery. It is acquired by defeating the dungeon boss, Lanmolas.

The Pendant of Wisdom is the red-colored pendant found in the Tower of Hera on Death Mountain. It is acquired by defeating the dungeon boss, Moldorm.

A Link Between Worlds

Power, Wisdom and Courage.

The Pendant of Courage is the green-colored pendant given to Link by Princess Zelda, before Link even knows what the Pendants or Master Sword are. Sahasrahla tells him of the Pendants of Virtue after Hyrule Castle is sealed by Yuga with Zelda and Impa inside. He charges Link to obtain the other two pendants - the red-colored Pendant of Power from the Tower of Hera dungeon, and the blue Pendant of Wisdom from the House of Gales dungeon.

After doing so, Link travels through the Lost Woods and solves a puzzle to reach the Master Sword grove and claim the legendary sword.