Ravio's Bracelet

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Spoiler Alert! This article describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.
Ravio's Bracelet
Ravio's Bracelet (unpowered) - ALBW icon.png Ravio's Bracelet - ALBW icon.png
Unpowered and charged versions of the bracelet



Merging into walls

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Bracelet de Lavio
Spain Español Brazalete de Ravio
Germany Deutsch Ravios Armreif
Italy Italiana Bracciale di Lavio

Ravio's Bracelet is an item found in A Link Between Worlds. The bracelet is given to Link by Ravio after Link allows him to stay inside his house. At first, it appears to have no use, but later on, it turns out to be very important, as it grants Link the ability to merge into walls. However, it takes energy from Link's Energy Gauge.


After Link is defeated by Yuga at the Sanctuary, Ravio rescues him and brings him back to Link's House.[1] Upon Link's awakening, Ravio urgently tells him that he must report the event to the castle.[2] However, just before Link leaves, Ravio stops him and explains that he has been looking for a place to stay, so he requests that Link allow him to stay.[3] If Link agrees, Ravio thanks him by giving Link his bracelet, which looks very old.[4][5] Despite its obvious age, Ravio insists that it is a treasure, even though he admits that it smells like a wet dog.[6] He also says that because it is a gift, Link should wear it.[7]

Ravio's Bracelet's true power is revealed after Link defeats Yuga in the Eastern Palace. Enraged by Link's victory, Yuga attempts to turn Link into a painting and leaves him on the wall of the palace.[8] However, the bracelet begins to glow, and its power allows Link to exit the wall. From there on out he can merge with walls whenever he pleases.[9] This ability is crucial for accessing Lorule, as Link can only enter Fissures while in painting form. When Link returns to Ravio and describes this development, Ravio is surprised and claims that he had no idea his bracelet would do that.[10][11]

At the end of the game, Princess Hilda uses the last of the bracelet's power in order to send Link and Princess Zelda back home to Hyrule.[12] The bracelet turns them both into paintings and sends them through a Fissure in Lorule's Sacred Realm, and the bracelet breaks soon after.



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