Letter in a Bottle

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This article is about the item in A Link Between Worlds. For the item in Ocarina of Time, see Ruto's Letter.
Letter in a Bottle
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Obtaining Premium Milk

The Letter in a Bottle is an item from A Link Between Worlds.

Location and Uses

The Letter in a Bottle can be found in a small alcove in the southeast portion of Lake Hylia. Once Link obtains it, he learns from the letter inside that a man is stuck on Death Mountain, asking for someone to bring Premium Milk to him from the Milk Bar in Kakariko Village. If Link speaks to the Milk Bar Owner, he tells Link that the letter is from the Bouldering Guy, a regular customer. The Owner requests that Link brings some Premium Milk to the man, free of charge. After this, the letter is replaced with Premium Milk. Once Link delivers the Milk to the Bouldering Guy, he is free to use the Bottle.