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This article is about the sage from A Link Between Worlds. For the child from Skyward Sword, see Gully.
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Member of



Blacksmith (father)
Blacksmith's Wife (mother)

Gulley is a character from A Link Between Worlds and serves as one of the Seven Sages.

He is a young boy around the same age as Link and is the son of the Blacksmith.[1][2] He is the very first character encountered by Link in the game when he wakes Link up inside of Link's House.[3] Link is late for work, and once he awakens, Gulley explains to him how to use the Weather Vane to save his progress.[4] Gulley then runs off and leads Link to the Blacksmith's House.[5]

After the initial stages of the game, Gulley can be found in Gulley's Woods, a secluded area located south of the Blacksmith's house. If Link speaks to him, Gulley tells Link that animals always approach him.[6]

When Link fights Yuga at the Eastern Palace, Gulley goes missing. His mother, the Blacksmith's Wife, is looking for Gulley and mentions that he ran off to play in the wooded area to the south.[7] If Link explores Gulley's Woods, he finds the Pouch that Gulley actually intended to give to Link, which allows Link to carry a second item.

After Link gathers the three Pendants of Virtue, he finds out that Gulley is one of the descendants of the Seven Sages[8] and has been captured by Yuga. He becomes trapped in a painting and used to revive Ganon, and then he can be found at the Dark Palace in eastern Lorule, corresponding to the location of the Eastern Palace in Hyrule.

Gulley, along with the six other sages, uses his power to give Link the Triforce of Courage and also works to break the barrier that is surrounding Lorule Castle. After Link defeats Yuga Ganon and completes the quest, Gulley can be seen back at Gulley's Woods.




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