Weather Vane

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This article is about save and warp points in A Link Between Worlds. For the object in A Link to the Past and Link's Awakening, see Weathercock.
Weather Vane
Kakariko Village Weather Vane - ALBW.png
Kakariko Village weather vane.



To save
Locations in Hyrule and Lorule Link can fly to using Irene's broom


In A Link Between Worlds, Weather Vanes are used both as places for Link to save and, once he has activated them, fast travel points that Irene (or just her broom after she is incapacitated) can transport Link to with a quick ring of her Bell.

In Hyrule, there are Weather Vanes located in front of Link's House, Sanctuary, in the middle of Kakariko Village, in the front of the Eastern Palace, the House of Gales, and the Tower of Hera as well as in front of the Witch's Hut and the foot of Death Mountain.

In Lorule, there are Weather Vanes in front of Lorule Castle, in front of the vacant house where Link's house stands in Hyrule, the Treacherous Tower, and in front of the Lorule dungeons.