Tower of Hera (A Link Between Worlds)

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In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 ヘラの塔 (Tower of Hera)
France Française Tour d'Héra (Tower of Hera)
Spain Español Torre de Hera (Tower of Hera)
Germany Deutsch Heras Turm (Hera Tower)
Italy Italiana Torre di Hera (Tower of Hera)

The Tower of Hera is a dungeon located on Death Mountain in northern Hyrule in A Link Between Worlds. The Power Glove is needed to reach the dungeon, and Link must rent the Hammer in order to complete it. Link must travel through the dungeon in order to obtain the Pendant of Power. This dungeon can be completed before or after the House of Gales; the order is up to Link.

Gaining Entrance

This dungeon can only be reached after completing the Eastern Palace.

The Tower of Hera is located on the summit of Death Mountain, making it one of the more difficult dungeons to reach. To enter the Mountain, Link must first obtain the Power Glove from Rosso. He is then able to lift the small rocks blocking the entrance, allowing him to navigate the caves and climb the interior of the Mountain. Once he reaches the summit he is able to use the Hammer to pound the pegs blocking the entrance.

Dungeon Overview

As the name implies, the building is a consists of a large tower. The outside base of the tower is completely surrounded by lava, and the only way to reach the tower is via a bridge that can only be accessed with the Hammer.

The inside of the dungeon consists of 13 single room floors. Much of the dungeon consists of simply climbing up the Tower itself to reach the boss on the 13th floor. This often done via Moles, which are different sized switches that shoot Link into the air once he pounds them with the Hammer.

Much like the Tower of Hera from A Link to the Past, this dungeon features many crystal switches that alternate between red and blue. Hitting the switches raises and lowers various walls in the dungeon, allowing Link to progress through specific areas and reach new heights as well.

A large part of the dungeon takes place along the exterior walls. Many moving blocks can be found circling the higher floors, which Link can travel on via the Merge ability. Many blocks lead to dead ends, requiring Link to use his Merge ability in creative ways to avoid trick walls and obstacles.


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These are enemies Link encounters in the Tower of Hera.


The Mini-Boss of this dungeon is a large group of Stalfos. They can be defeated with the sword, in the exact same manner as regular Stalfos. Once they are defeated a green portal appears, along with a small platform that allows Link to continue climbing the dungeon.


The Boss of this dungeon is Moldorm. Almost exactly like its appearance in A Link to the Past, Moldorm can be found on a relatively small platform high in the dungeon. Moldorm constantly moves around the platform, trying to knock Link off to the floor below. Link must use his sword to hit Moldorm's tail, damaging him. After each hit Moldorm's speed and aggressiveness increases, making the battle more difficult. After a few hits Moldorm perishes and a Heart Container is left behind, along with the Pendant of Power.

Unlike in A Link to the Past, if Link is knocked off the platform the battle does not restart.