Skull Woods (A Link Between Worlds Dungeon)

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In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
Japan 日本語 ドクロの森 (Skeleton Forest)
France Française Forêt des Squelettes (Skeleton Forest)
Spain Español Bosque de Osamentas (Forest of Skeletons)
Germany Deutsch Skelettwald (Skeleton Forest)
Italy Italiana Bosco d'Ossa (Forest of Bones)

The Skull Woods is a dungeon in A Link Between Worlds. It can be found in northwestern Lorule, just north of Thieves' Town. The dungeon can be found anytime after Link enters Lorule, and no item is required to reach it or complete it. Link must travel through the dungeon in order to obtain Seres' Painting.

Gaining Entrance

The dungeon can be found deep within the Skull Woods, and can be accessed anytime after entering Lorule. Four paths lead into the Skull Woods, however, only the southeastern path will lead Link to the entrance of the dungeon. After following the path, Link will happen upon a skull with stairs leading deep into the dungeon below.

Dungeon Overview

The Skull Woods dungeon acts much like its predecessor in A Link to the Past. It is unlike any other dungeon, because Link must constantly move back and forth between the dungeon and the Skull Woods themselves in order to progress. Link must find certain holes and special entrances in the Woods to reach new rooms, because the dungeon itself is very disconnected.

Also like in A Link to the Past, the dungeon features the Wallmaster. In A Link Between Worlds however, the dungeon is much more heavily based on the Wallmaster itself. The enemy appears in virtually every room in the dungeon, and will constantly reappear over and over no matter how many times Link kills it. The Wallmaster will still transport Link back to the beginning of the dungeon whenever he is captured.

Unlike in A Link to the Past, the Wallmaster is used to solve various puzzles. When standing underneath a platform, Link can use the enemy to hit certain switches that will make new chests appear or open doors. He can also use the Wallmaster to hit enemies that may be on higher platforms as well. The dungeon features many steel platforms that will protect Link from the Wallmaster; as otherwise the enemy would be able to grab Link in almost any situation.

Skull Woods also features a new puzzle, where Link must find two eyeballs in certain rooms and transport them, all while protecting himself from the Wallmaster. After finding both it will allow Link to find the Big Key and reach the end of the dungeon.

The dungeon also features one of four Master Ores in the game as a dungeon item.


The Mini-Boss of this dungeon consists of a few Mini-Moldorms and a couple of Gibdos. Link can step on the floor switch to bring three of the enemies up to the surface, which can then be defeated with the sword. However, there are two enemies on higher platforms that cannot be attacked. Link can stand under the platforms of each respective enemy until the wallmaster smashes the platform, killing the remaining enemies.


The Boss of this dungeon is Knucklemaster. Knucklemaster is a large Wallmaster, though the boss also displays a large metal glove, along with an eyeball on the palm. The boss will charge up and dash towards Link. He can then stand near a wall and once the boss comes close, merge with the wall and it will slam right into it. While the boss is stunned, Link can use the sword to hit the eye with a series of sword slashes. This process can be repeated over and over until it is defeated.

When the giant hand is in the air, Link can quickly run around the room and merge with the wall if needed to avoid the attack. Knucklemaster will constantly pound the floor, breaking many different tiles around the room and making the battle much more difficult.