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This article is about the one-eyed bat from A Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds. For the one-eyed bat from Breath of the Wild, see Keese#Breath of the Wild.
Sprite from A Link to the Past




Chasupa are recurring enemies in The Legend of Zelda series.[1]

A Link to the Past

Chasupa first appear as Link makes his way through the Hyrule Castle Tower in the Light World. They are nearly identical to Keese in that they stay perched at a certain location until Link draws near. Once Link comes close, the Chasupa starts to fly around the room, aggressively pursuing Link before landing at a specific point. There is virtually no difference other than physical appearance to the Keese that appear in the game. Like Keese, Chasupa take just one slash from Link's Sword or one shot from the Boomerang to defeat.

Chasupa later appear more regularly within the Dark World. They are found in certain portions of the Overworld, as well as inside of Caves and within Thieves' Town.

A Link Between Worlds

Much like in A Link to the Past, Chasupa can be found in the Caves of Lorule as a counterpart to Hyrule's Keese. These enemies are located mostly in Caves, often in places where battling them can be dangerous due to the precarious surroundings. They can be defeated easily with the Sword.

Tri Force Heroes

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