Stalfos Knight

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Stalfos Knight

Stalfos Knights are larger and more dangerous versions of Stalfos from A Link to the Past.

A Link to the Past


The Stalfos Knight first appears within the Ice Palace. These over-sized Stalfos enemies will drop from the ceiling once Link draws near. They will look around the room and once they make eye contact with Link, they will start to hop towards him. The Stalfos Knight wields a large sword and if any part of the Knight makes contact with Link, two full hearts of damage will be done.

In the room where Link first encounters a Stalfos Knight, there is also a Telepathic Tile. It states that Link cannot destroy the Stalfos Knight with his Master Sword alone. After he collapses, he becomes vulnerable to another weapon. Once a Stalfos Knight is crumbled on the ground, a single bomb explosion will defeat the enemy.

It is possible to defeat a Stalfos Knight with just the Master Sword, but it will take 16 sword strikes, in which Link will need to wait for the Knight to stand back up after each hit. If Link has full power, he can continuously hit the Stalfos Knight with the Beam Blade attack, but it will take 32 hits. Additionally, Link can defeat a Stalfos Knight by continuously hitting the enemy with the Boomerang. However, it will take an outrageous 64 hits from the boomerang to defeat this enemy.