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Sprite from A Link to the Past





Babusu are enemies from A Link to the Past.

Babusu are first encountered within the Ice Palace, the fifth dungeon of the Dark World. They live in the walls and occasionally come out and slither across the room. Sometimes they have two holes that are parallel with each other on the opposites sides of a room, and they travel between them. When Link sees a sparkle in a hole in a wall, he must prepare his Sword since that is a sign that a Babusu is about to run out.

If a Babusu comes into contact with Link, it does two full hearts of damage. Babusu are rather weak and Link can defeat them with a simple sword slash from his Master Sword. However, what makes these creatures difficult is they are sometimes found in rooms with moving platforms as well as Blade Traps, making it very easy to take damage while trying to defeat them.

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