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Crows are flying enemies appearing in many of the 2-D The Legend of Zelda games. Crows attack by waiting for passing travelers and swooping down on them. They are known for stealing shiny items.


A Link to the Past

Crows are enemies found in A Link to the Past. They appear in the Desert of Mystery in the Light World.

Link's Awakening

In Link's Awakening, Crows appear resting on trees, particularly in Tabahl Wasteland. When Link gets close, they swoop down and fly at him, and then they exit the screen. Unless they are killed, they will reappear on the same tree next time that Link enters the area.

The Minish Cap

Crows can be found perched on top of trees throughout Hyrule Field. When Link draws near they will fly down and try to harm him.

Crow & Takkuri
Crow-Takkuri-Figurine.png Appears in various areas. The black one is Crow. If you touch Takkuri, he will steal Rupees from you, so be careful!

Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages

Crows are identical to the Crows in A Link to the Past, although they do less damage to Link. In some places, Crows fly in from out of the screen rather than waiting in trees to attack Link.

Phantom Hourglass

Crows wait on large trees, and strike Link when he gets close, making him drop Rupees which they proceed to steal.

Spirit Tracks

Within this game, Crows perch on the tree tops and are usually found within the Forest Realm. When Link nears the Crow, they swoop down and attack the young hero, usually stealing a specific amount of Rupees in the process.

A Link Between Worlds

Crows appear in A Link Between Worlds attacking in similar styles to those in other games, awaiting Link to draw near before flying into the air and swooping down on him. They now rest on other items such as fence posts instead of solely on trees. When they hit Link, they no longer force him to lose Rupees and so cannot steal any Rupees from Link. The will not fly off screen either, instead attacking Link relentlessly until killed or Link flees to a different screen.

Tri Force Heroes

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