Western Wood

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The Western Wood is a location in The Minish Cap. The wooded area is home to three types of enemies; the Keaton, Moblin, and Crow. It is also home to the poet, Percy, a single forest Picori, and the Monster Lady who was living in Percy's home while he wasn't there. These two characters are only accessible after fusing kinstones to fix the fallen tree trunk behind the house. The Western Wood is also the only way Link can enter and exit Castor Wilds.


Spoiler Alert! This section describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.

When Link and Ezlo first enter the Western Wood Link will stop and the cutscene will start. It goes to Hyrule Castle where the King of Hyrule is sitting on his throne with Zelda by his side. Vaati walks up to the King and takes control of him, Vaati then orders the soldiers to find the Light Force.