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Bari are enemies that come in multiple variations and colors within A Link to the Past. They all share the same physical characteristics, and have many of the same traits as Bari from other Zelda titles.

Blue Bari

Main article: Blue Bari

The Blue Bari is first encountered early on within the Dark Palace. They resemble that of floating jellyfish, with their bodies continuously bouncing around. They will occasionally give off an electric shock, harming Link if he comes into contact.

These creatures move rather slowly and aren't really that much of a threat to Link. Even if Link runs right into a Blue Bari, it will only do a 1/2 heart of damage. If Link tries to slash at the Blue Bari while it is electrified, then Link will be harmed, but only at a 1/2 heart of damage. Thus, despite how damaging an electric shock might seem, these Blue Baris are not much of a threat at all. One slash with the Master Sword will do them in.

Alternatively, Link can defeat a Blue Bari with a variety of projectile attacks. One hit from the Bow and Arrow or from the Hookshot will defeat these bouncy creatures.

Red Bari

Main article: Red Bari

The Red Bari is first encountered within the Dark Palace and usually are found right alongside their Blue Bari counterparts. Their physical appearance is identical to the Blue counterparts, other than their orange-red color. They move around just like Blue Bari, albeit at a slightly faster speed. Additionally, they will more frequently give out an electric charge.

The primary difference with the Red Bari is that if Link strikes at it with his based Master Sword or other weaker attacks, the Bari won't be defeated. Instead, it will split into two smaller Biris. These Biris are basically two mini-Baris, having many of the same attributes. They'll electrify just like their bigger Bari friends. Link can defeat them with one strike.

Red Bari also have stronger attacks than their Blue counterparts. If Link walks into a Red Bari, or if he gets electrocuted by its shock, Link will lose a full heart of damage, as opposed to just a half heart of damage from the Blue Bari. Even the smaller Biri will do a full heart of damage.

Green Bari

Main article: Green Bari

The Green Bari is first and only encountered within the Palace of the Four Sword in the GBA version of A Link to the Past. Green Bari are much stronger than their Red and Blue counterparts, taking multiple hits to defeat, even with the strongest of swords. They appear surrounding the boss Arrghus.