Red Bari

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Red Bari[1] are enemies found in A Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds. They are one of many variants of the Bari, including Blue Bari, White Bari, and Yellow Bari. All of the color variants share the same physical characteristics, and have many of the same traits as Bari from other Zelda titles.

A Link to the Past

The Red Bari is first encountered within the Dark Palace. They later appear in several other dungeons within the Dark World. Red Bari resemble a jellyfish who hover just above the ground. Every few moments they will give off an electic shock and it will deal damage to Link if he comes into contact with the Bari.

The Red variants are much stronger than their Blue Bari counterparts. They both move slowly and give off an electric shock every moments before then becoming vulnerable. The difference is if a Red Bari is struck with an attack, it will split into two smaller Biri, which have similar characterists as the larger Red Bari.

Link can defeat the Red Bari by keeping his distance and using a projectile weapon, such as the Bow and Arrow, or the Hookshot.

A Link Between Worlds

Red Bari in A Link Between Worlds are nearly identical as their A Link to the Past counterparts.