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After using the Quake Medallion on certain enemies

Slime are enemies that appear in A Link to the Past.

Slimes are enemies that will transform from certain enemies if Link uses the Quake Medallion near them or sprinkling Magic Powder over certain enemies. They are resembling an onion-like creature, and behave similar to the Zols and Gels. Slimes are considered as one of the weakest enemies in this game, and Link can kill them with one slash with his sword. Link can always use the Quake Medallion on strong enemies to transform them into Slimes so that he can defeat them easier.

Slimes are also an answer to the riddle six ("Sprinkle and watch it wobble... what is it?" ) in the Riddle Quest that included in the Game Boy Advance port of this game.

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  • Transforming a Deadrock into a Slime is the only way to defeat it in this game.