Spear Knight

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Spear Knight
Spear Knight Sprite from A Link to the Past





Spear Knights are enemies that appear in A Link to the Past and they are one of the many variations of Knights that appear in the game.

Spear Knights wearing red armor with a horned helm, wielding Tridents as their spears. Spear Knights are commonly found around Hyrule Castle and the Hyrulian Cemetery. Instead of charging at Link like Sword Soldiers and other forms of Knights, these enemies keep their distance and toss spears towards Link. Despite never retrieving their spears, they have an endless amount of spears that they can toss towards Link.

A Spear Knight takes four sword slashes with Link's standard Fighter's Sword to defeat. The Spear Knight will do a 1/2 heart of damage if it hits Link with a spear. Strangely, a full heart of damage is done if Link just comes into contact with the Knight. This is odd, considering the strategy of the Spear Knight is to keep its distance from Link.

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